Friday, September 24, 2010

Camera-Critters #129

Well, I did it again. Or, I guess I should say Hubs did it again! A few days ago, Hubs came home, and mixed up a bottle of milk replacer for an orphaned calf he has been feeding twice a day. He also grabbed several bags of medicated feed we've been feeding our cows in an attempt to avoid a serious disease, which has decided to run rampant in the cows in our area. Trust me, you don't want to know the details. It has every farmer around here in a panic.

Anyway, after Hubs had grabbed all the necessary feed, he headed down the road to where we have the cattle right now. He had just pulled out of the driveway a minute ago when my phone rang. I instantly knew he must have found another photo opportunity for me. When I answered, he started describing the area... across from the water tower, there are some hay bales stacked (the same hay bales from my Looking at the Sky on Friday post)... "Yeah, I know the area!" I eagerly replied. He finished filling me in on the details, and I think I hung up on him before he was finished (sorry Hubs, but you know me, I had a camera to grab and walkin' to do!). I walked to the area Hubs described, with my camera in the on-position and ready, and this is what I found...

(c) Misty DawnS

It's a juvenile Great Horned Owl, in case you're wondering.
And, yes, the owl from last week was a Great Horned Owl also.
However, last week's owl was older, because its 'horns' were formed.
This fella (or gal, I didn't get close enough to get injured and find out) hasn't completely formed its 'horns' yet.

Just look at those eyes!!!
"Don't you DARE come a step closer Woman!"
Trust me, that's what it was saying, as it literally hissed at me.
I tried to explain to it that I was safe, but
it didn't trust that one big, clicking eye I had sticking out of my face.

(c) Misty DawnS

For me, it's such a high to see and photograph wild animals! I literally have to calm myself down afterwards with deep breathing so that I can quit shaking. It's kind of like opiate detox. LOL So, anyway, I photographed it, and then I left it alone so I wouldn't be stressing it out too much, and I called the Game Warden (yes, again). However, I won't go into the details of my phone conversation with the Game Warden. Let's just say I very sarcastically thanked him for doing his JOB (remember... sarcastic is the key word here), and I let him know I would gladly spread the word at how WELL HE DOES HIS JOB... yes, in that loud tone... right before I hung up on him. Nuff said.

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Adrienne Zwart

I cannot even tell you how much I love that your hubby calls you when he sees something he knows you will love. You're a lucky gal!
The owl photo is stunning, Misty.


Check out those eyes! Totally awesome!!!

EG CameraGirl

Very, very cool. And yes, I am totally jealous. :)


Wow - you got so close to the owl. Those photos are superb! Lucky lucky you...


The photos are exceptional and reinforce the details in your narrative. Lucky you to have such a cooperative husband! Three stars for both of you!


The first photo is priceless! I don't usually see owls in the daytime. The last time we were walking the dog there was a screetch owl sitting on the street sign. We could hear him before we saw him, but it was too dark.

You have some exellent photos and are lucky at all the opportunities. What a great job, I love your photos.


Those are wonderful owl pictures.


oh lovely shots, like the first photo =) .Have a blessed Sunday hope you could check out my blog too.

Mike B.

Fantastic. I saw an adult in my backyard once- also in daylight- and was so stunned that I just stared at it for a few minutes. Never got my camera!


Aww, that is so nice that you got real owls there. I haven't seen one that up close yet.


it looks so awesome!


Those eyes are incredible!


Great photos, Misty! I really like your owls compared to the ones I see here. Mine are more gray, while the ones you see have more color to them.


What amazing photographs. I'll be 66 next week and I have yet to see an owl in person!

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What a wise find for Camera Critters!

Corner Gardener Sue

I had to laugh at Rambling Round's comment.

Those really are awesome photos, and your husband is also awesome for calling you to let you know about the opportunities.

I hope the cows stay healthy.

Chubskulit Rose

Gorgeous captures!

Jaguar and a Running Mate


Great shots of the owl, I just any kind of owl.


WOW..An owl!!! I havent clicked one yet and I yearn to..This one is a superb shot...My camera critter is a delicate lil thing...Do check it out..


Great find! Fantastic shots! I hear owls around here, but it's usually dark, so rarely see one. My Hubby has been trained, too. If he's found some interesting critter, he just says, "Get your camera." I take off in a run. ;)

I hope your cows come through okay.

Maria's Space

Wow...those are awesome pictures. I never see anything like that. You captured them perfectly.

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