Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Hangin On High in the Sky*

This female Blue Dasher dragonfly kept posing for me, but she sure did make me work for the photos. She would sit for a few seconds, and when I would get the camera focused on her, she'd change her mind (hey, she IS a female) and decide to go pose in another area for me. We played this game for several minutes, until I finally got a couple shots of her posing on the barbed wire fence and decided I was tired of the game. Then, she decided to fly up and land on this tall plant. So, I decided I'd take her photo once again so I could share it with my blogging friends and fellow Looking at the Sky on Friday participants.

(c) Misty DawnS

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happy Friday. I love this photo of the dragonfly... great composition.


Great shot. Love the crystal clarity of the dragonfly and the plant.


Beautiful! That was so nice of her to pose against that gorgeous blue sky.

Looking @ The Sky On Friday

Thanks, Ms Dragonfly for letting my bloggy friend get this magnificent shot of you with a beautifully blue sky in the background. :)

Great shot, Misty!

Happy Friday!!!


Gorgeous shot, Misty! I love how much detail you've captured with that beautiful blue sky as a backdrop...


Joanne Olivieri

What a great capture with the blue sky background. That is amazing.

Kim, USA

Gorgeous shot!!
Blue sky

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