Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *While Looking at the Ground Too*

Hello everyone! Happy Friday (or Thursday night, if you're reading this early). Yes, I may seem in an overly good mood. That would be because I took the day off work tomorrow! Yeppers, I've had a lot of stress lately (enough stress to cause me to lose weight really fast, which I certainly don't need to do), and I decided that a "Misty Dawn Day" was in serious order. So, Happy Friday (or Thursday night hehe).

I must admit, when I took this photo, I wasn't sure if I was looking at the sky or looking at the ground. The sky was a beautiful blue with a layer of white clouds. Yet, on the ground, along the fence, was a line of different colored wildflowers. After some thought, I finally decided I'd look at both, and I'd capture both in a photograph. :-)

(Recommended that you click on the photo to view it larger)
(c) Misty DawnS

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Both is good. Beautiful as always, Misty. I'm wishing you lovely blue skies for your day off, too.


That is a wonderfully expansive photo with both fields and sky stretching outward! Nicely done...:)


What a beautiful scene.

Have a great weekend.

Liz @ A Simple Life


what a magnificent scenery. the sky is simply gorgeous.

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