Friday, September 24, 2010

Macro Flowers *Sentimental*

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This photograph is quite sentimental for me. I know, it sounds strange for a macro photograph of a flower to be sentimental, but after I explain, you'll understand... I think. You see, on May 13, 2009, I survived a terrifying experience when I was driving home from work and had to pull over and take shelter in a small convenience store during a tornado. I survived (obviously) although three people did not survive that tornado. After Hubs was able to pick me up (it took him several hours to get to me), because my vehicle was unable to be driven, he told me, as we pulled in the driveway, that my mother-in-law had brought me an early birthday present that day. How ironic this was, considering my birthday isn't until June! Yet, she knew that I had been wanting a Butterfly Bush. So, she got me one then so it would be flowering by my birthday. At the time, after what I had just been through, I thanked her on the phone and told her I was glad I survived to see it.

Hubs and I planted the Butterfly Bush, and the below photo is from July of 2009, when it was still in bloom. Believe it or not, it gets even more sentimental...

Because this year, 2010, I was not able to take photos of my beloved Butterfly Bush, because it didn't make it through the winter. It's probably strange to cry over a bush not making it through, because it happens all the time. However, this particular bush held a significance... a HUGE significance. As I cried, I proclaimed to Hubs that, eventually, I would have Butterfly Bushes of all different colors all over the place!!! I think Hubs realized that it wasn't just about the bush, because he simply shook his head and agreed.

No, I don't have another Butterfly Bush yet (or the several I swore I would get), but eventually... I will! I just have to. It's become an important issue for me now.

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Maia T

What a beautiful story and unforgettable memory. I think, you will always have some special feeling for this bush.

Lovely photo, thanks for sharing it on Macro Flowers Saturday!


What a story! I'm sorry the bush didn't make it through the winter, but I can see why this beautiful plant has a lot importance to you. You'll plant more and they will thrive!


nice story and great photo!

Iowa Gardening Woman

Plants have such special meaning to each of us, I'm so glad you have the photo to preserve the memories..........although surviving a tornado is something one never forgets.


A very moving story and I can see why this plant holds special memories for you. You submitted a lovely photo to go along with your post.


Run on up to Neosho, or Joplin, MO and grab some starts of all the ones my mom and grandma have. Heck I had them at my old place in Carthage too - I always loved them! I'm glad you survived but I'm sorry your bush didn't. :(

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