Sunday, September 5, 2010

Macro & Mellow Yellow Monday *Garden Spider*


Yes, I combined memes again. I'm such a rebel!

Hubs found this garden spider by the barn and came and got me to photograph it. He's such a good photographer's husband! hehe Wait until you see what else he came and picked me up to take me to photograph! It's absolutely outstanding... but I can't tell you what it is. You'll have to wait and come visit my Camera-Critters at the end of the week to see what it is. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!!

(c) Misty DawnS

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ha ha, scary spider! but looks cute in yellow ;-)

Mellow Yellow!

Chubskulit Rose

That's gorgeous!

Spice Up Your Life for mellow yellow.


That look huge!

Joanne Olivieri

He is a scary looking one though you've captured him very well.


looks almost like a tick. Beautiful, though.


Hi ya
wow fabulous shot, great detail, sue,x


I only like spiders on pictures ;-)
great shot

Jan n Jer

Great shot, spiders are so interesting to watch. Although I keep a safe distance, they scare me.

Hootin' Anni

As creepy as these boogers are, they ARE fascinating.

My Macro Monday

Have a glorious day.


Great job! It seems to be the year for the Orb Weavers around here too.


Great shot- don't they have a zigzag in their web? Can't quite make it out. All we seem to have are Cross Spiders.


Amazing creature but I absolutely do not like spiders. I had the worst bout of cellulitis in my left leg after being bitten by one and the swelling has remained with me for years. I've never seen one so beautiful, however!

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Can't you take a nice macro shot of a dog nose instead of an ugly spider ? I hate spiders, lol !

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Really ! I had the worst bout of cellulite in my left leg after being bitten by one and the swelling has remained with me for years.

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