Monday, September 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *Autumn Macro*

Thursday of this week is the first day of autumn, as my office partner at work keeps reminding me. She LOVES fall, and she is very excited for its arrival. I, on the other hand, dread the snow and bad driving conditions which follow fall. So, I don't get excited about that coming near.

The other day, my office partner came back from lunch and was carrying two red leaves. As we talked, she put tape on the leaves and stuck them on her monitor. I asked, "Ummmm, did you just tape leaves to your monitor?" She replied, "Yes, it's my autumn is coming bouquet." I just laughed and said something about her having almost as many issues as I have. LOL

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That is beautiful!


I am so excited for autumn.... the leaves are a beautiful reminder it is almost here!



I just love photos of the autumm! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mommy Life

Wow! I love your shot! Have a nice day! :)


Hurray for Fall! Can we just stay in it and not go to Winter, please?


I'm with you! Autumn signals winter and cold weather. Ugh! However, I will confess to enjoying the colors of fall even while experiencing end of summer depression. ;)

Jan n Jer

I too am excited about fall, the colors the cool refreshing air, the outdoor festivals, but after the Holidays I dread the winter blues. Great shot of that beautiful red leaf!

Auntie E

the leaf looks so like A piece of Leather. what a great shot.
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cats of wildcat woods

I love the colors of this season but not what follows!


Did you warn her that there's a bug on her leaf? I love the way it's such a deep color! And I love snow. :0)

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