Monday, September 20, 2010

Security Worries

This weekend, I was informed that our neighbors' house was broken into. In addition to other things, there was quite a bit of money stolen. Normally, being out in the country, we don't have these worries cross our minds. However, now I keep thinking about what we need to do to safeguard our home, possessions, and sense of security. Of course you can lock the doors, but if someone really wants to get in, they will find a way.

Security cameras might be a bit overboard for where we live. However, when you hear of something like this happening, you can't help but be nervous and cautious! In fact, I was told that people already are nervous. For example, I went for a photo walk down the road this weekend. I guess someone saw me walking and went to one of the neighbor's houses and said that there was some little lady walking down the road and she had a big camera. The neighbor reassured the lady that I just take pictures, and I'm not a danger. Yes, it's kind of funny, but at the same time, it's concerning.

Possessions can be replaced. However, you can't take away the emotional effects of having your sense of safety being damaged. Heck, I already have people worried about me going for walks. They want me to carry a gun, and we're not talking stun guns here, or mace. This is mainly because they worry about what mean critter I might run into in the woods. It's pretty bad that now our quiet, country community has to worry about someone entering their homes!


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