Friday, October 1, 2010

Camera-Critters #130

A couple evenings ago, I grabbed the camera and went walking back to my pond. Yes, yes, this is a daily ritual with me... so what? Anyway... as I was saying, I went walking back to my pond. I immediately noticed that I had visitors, and I was thrilled. I'm not so big on human visitors, but these kind of visitors, I like!!!

(c) Misty DawnS

It is bow-hunting season here, so I was glad to see these young-uns hanging out on my property where they wouldn't get shot. NO, I am NOT anti-hunting. However, some of the critters around here, I consider MINE. hehe

(c) Misty DawnS

Of course, they realized I was there. Yet, they must have sensed I was no threat, because they would look at me, and then they would go back to grazing on the grass. It was like "Ehhh, it's just her, she won't hurt us! She just shoots us with that big, harmless eye sticking outta her head. Doesn't hurt a bit!"

As you can see, they were very aware of my presence. In fact, this one, walked closer to check me out. We watched each other, and we bonded. SERIOUSLY! We did! I can prove it! I went out early this morning and there were deer in the same area again by my pond. I watched and photographed them for at least a half hour (it's like my own wildlife blu ray movie, but for real!) See, they've had meetings and told each other that my place is safe! Ummm, NO I am not crazy, thank you very much!

(c) Misty DawnS

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Scott Hovind

Yup, I was right. We ARE related somehow. This is exactly what happens when I go to the woods, go to my favorite spot in the woods. And they approach ME.
I feel the same way about nature. I used to hunt and still like the tradition and the need for it in order to sustain a healthy population but now I prefer to hunt with a camera and the deer I see are MY deer. For that matter, the animals I get used to seeing become my animals, my friends.

Joanne Olivieri

They are beautiful animals and great shots. I'm with you, I'd much rather have the four legged visitors :)


It's so terrific that they'll get so close to you. I am anti-hunting so I'm doubly glad they're hanging with you.

EG CameraGirl

What a treat to see the deer! Lucky you...and US!


Great shots of the deer, they are pretty. It is nice when they are close to you.


Very nice deer shots.


I would be very happy if I had this kind of visitors too! :-)

Kay L. Davies

Aren't you lucky to have them stay so close? The mule deer who come here on snowy winter days to eat our ornamental crabapples are very skittish and don't like to be photographed. However, the whitetail deer in the coulee nearby will often let my husband get "a good shot" of them (of, not at)!!

Alberta, Canada

Iowa Gardening Woman

I much prefer 4 legged visitors as well :). So much more relaxing and enabling me to get "in the zone". LOL........great shots. looks like you all had a nice visit.


These are lovely photos of your deer Misty. I would be walking down to the pond every day if I had one.


You did a great job capturing them, and it looks like they even posed for you! :)


What delightful visitors! They are glowing in the sunlight. Lovely1l

Maude Lynn

They are so beautiful!


Fantastic captures. They are very curious.


Beautiful animals. I'm glad you had your camera!


Those are definitely good visitors. Reminds me of a place I lived in 10 years ago. Mule Deer were always around. 8v)

Someone once asked me what I took photos of. I replied, "Anything with more than two legs, or none at all." There was a moment of silence and a confused looked on the person...until I said, "Critters."


awesome... those guys are not camera shy. hahhaha they even posed for you. they are gorgeous. They should enjoy the last few days of freedom and peace now before hunting season starts. hayyyy


they are clearly happy to see you :)

i beati

incredible light as well splendor..sandy

Chubskulit Rose

Beautiful shots! Thanks for visiting



Such beautiful creatures. Great photos. Love it.


Maybe they know they're safe there. :) Great visitors. :)


Lucky you, indeed! Hubby is a deer hunter. Since we've moved closer, he he will be hunting this year on my brother's (Bro O)farm. We checked the trail cam yesterday and got to see several deer pictures, but mostly at night when the pictures are black and white. The fun thing...Bro O has 2 ponds we go to all the time, but he told us about a 3rd pond no one ever goes to, so we went exploring. I'll have to post some pictures later. No deer came walking up to us, but we saw lots of evidence.


The deers certainly look curious about the camera!! Nice Captures!!

Pixellicious Photos


Beautiful photos of my favorite animal. If given any chance at all, deer can quickly sort out those that mean to harm them from those that do not, and they often reward a photographer with glimpses of their life that few others get to see.

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