Saturday, October 16, 2010

Camera-Critters #132

The pretty little birdie below is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. It was a busy little bird, quickly jumping from branch to branch.

What's that?
Did you say something
(c) Misty DawnS

I did NOT compose or alter the following image at all. I simply walked out my door and noticed this tree frog sitting on a 2x4 on our porch. When I looked closer, I couldn't help but laugh at the humorous composition this frog had arranged for me!

Advertisers wanted to hire him to
tell about diet supplements that work,
but he had another message for the world...
His name is Stimson,
and he's a stud!
(c) Misty DawnS

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Nikki - Notes of Life

Wow, I thought that frog was a stone/rock when I first saw it! It looks like it's fast asleep! :)


Beauty and the Beast?


That frog picture is hilarious! Love the sunlit bird too.


Awww the frog is so adorable! The little bird is very pretty :)

Mike B.

Hah! Great catch.

cats of wildcat woods

The toad is so cute - looks like a rock!


hahaaha-- Stimson says: No brag, just fact!

So happy to find this meme-- can't believe I've been posting critter photos all this time and just discovered it-- it's a big ol' cyber world out there!

Just Me

Nice photos! I too, had a to take a second look because I thought the frog was a rock. :)

Melody ~ Blondie's Abode


Pretty cool-that frog- and pretty-PRETTY- that bird!!

I have a Critter post this time!



I absolutely love the warbler shot...but then, you already knew that 8v)


Classic shot of the frog, I'm not sure if I'd even have noticed him! And the warbler shot is great.


Great capture of the Yellow Rump Warbler. They are quick moving birds. The frog is cute. Wonderful photos,


LOL He's a stud alright! Great shot. I love the warbler too. They are very pretty in both looks and voice. I have a not so pretty grackle for my critter today.


Now that's funny! LOL

I love the bird shot. I actually saw some of these birds last weekend when we were wandering around by one of my brother's ponds. I couldn't find it in my bird book, so glad to have it ID'd. My shot is horrific, so not posting it. lol


The bird is so cute, but I gotta love that Stimson the stud!


Stimson is asleep and the warbler is, well, she's singing! ;-)

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