Friday, October 22, 2010

Camera-Critters #133

This week, we had an absolutely gorgeous day on Wednesday. I know, with winter coming, the beautiful and warm days will be far and few between. So, as any nature photography addict would do, I left work early. I got home, and I headed back to my pond (yes, my pond again) with the camera. I was thinking to myself that I probably wouldn't see anything new at the pond (You thought I was thinking about anti wrinkle cream, didn't ya?). You see, it's pretty much the same thing this time of year, unless I'm lucky enough to see a couple deer grazing in the field. As I was thinking I needed to go for a further walk to see something new, something caught my eye. It looked like something was sitting at the edge of the pond, beyond the grass, turning its head back and forth. As I walked closer, I realized I was right, and I was seeing what I thought I was seeing...

(c) Misty DawnS

I got a little too close for comfort, and the Northern Harrier decided to take flight. However, it must have been interested in me (or ticked off because I disturbed it), because it decided to circle over me a few times while giving me 'the eye'...

"That'll teach you for thinking there's nothing to see at the pond!"
(c) Misty DawnS

I threw this shot in for a bonus, as it wasn't taken on the same day. I took this photo a few days before my close encounter with the Northern Harrier at my pond...

(c) Misty DawnS

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Great shot. Its a good thing you had your camera ready. Generally when I happen to come upon something like that by the time I get my camera out and turned on, the critter is gone.


LOVE those colors in the first shot! And the ones in flight - wow!

Blondie's Abode

I love that second shot! Beautiful!


Stunning! Love the in flight shots!


Wonderful find! Glad you went and checked. :0) Also glad he circled you a bit so you could snap this shot!


Nice in-flight pics though I think I like the grounded one the best.

Kay L. Davies

Oh, super, I love your close encounter with the Northern Harrier. In the closeup, he did look like he was trying to figure you out, then he decided to take a wide-angle view.
Love it.

Kay, Alberta


A great encounter and a wonderful series, Misty. Thanks so much for hosting Camera Critters.


All your pictures are just sensational and a great reward for leaving work early ( like we need anything, right? ). I've never seen an owl in the wild...though, even as the city encroaches, I, occasionally spot skunk families in our neighborhood only fifteen miles from downtown San Francisco. The deer are getting fewer and fewer as freeways invade their space, which is sad.

Joanne Olivieri

What a wonderful encounter to capture them in flight and with all that gorgeous detail. Just amazing!


I love that he circled you, perhaps he was showing off


I love the harrier shots. The flight shots are really cool.


Good work, you really did a good snap at that bad boy.


Wow wow wow! What an amazing find - and great shots of the bird in flight.


Gorgeous shots! What a beautiful bird that is.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!



In flight! Beautiful photos. Good luck!

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