Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *The Tree*

I've got an issue with this tree. Yes, this particular tree. Every time I go for a walk through the pastures and along my woods, I can't help but look at this particular tree, and, usually, I snap a photo of it. I've got SO many photos of this tree... winter photos, fall photos, summer photos, spring photos. Yep, I'm drawn to this image like a magnet. I think it's the solidarity of this single tree sitting in the middle of the sloping hills of the pasture. It just always catches my eye... and usually the focus of my camera lens too. If I had ncstar binoculars, I'd probably look at this tree! hehe

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I understand the obsession; it's a lovely tree.

Jen at Cabin Fever

Very cool spot! You should do a photo of this spot once a season and then put those four photos together in a collage. spring. summer. fall. winter. I can see it now. :)


The tree sits on the bluff, alone and awaiting our gaze. It demands attention by being so visible - and our attention it gets! The total view is so rewarding as it encompasses the green meadow hill leading to a very blue sky. And, of course, the tree...


It's a lovely tree. No wonder it gets so much attention. That sky is amazing, too!


such a beautiful tree!


What a beautiful photo! So peaceful.

Liz @ A Simple Life

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