Saturday, October 23, 2010

SOOC Sunday *Our Barn*

This week for SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) Sunday, I decided to use a photo of our barn. Yes, the photo is crooked, which is proof that I didn't alter it, and it is, therefore, acceptable for this meme. Then again, is the photo crooked? The top of the barn looks level... hmmm optical illusion.

We've got big plans for this barn... eventually. Right now, Hubs is out building a dog kennel which will be attached to the barn so the dogs can go in or out as they please. Also, we planned to put a recreation area up in the loft of the barn (this is waaaaay in the future), complete with a pool table. Hubs planned to put a photography studio in the loft of the barn also, but I'm thinking I don't need a studio, since I don't do 'people' photography and don't plan to. Maybe a gallery-type display of prints and displays of personalized gifts for sale would be better.

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nice plan...i'm excited for you! happy sunday! :)

Jan n Jer

That is a very interesting roof line. Your future plans for this barn sound wonderful!

Joanne Olivieri

I like your plan for the barn and have to say just as is, it has character. I like it.


Your barn holds so much potential. Love the photo and the perspective.


The barn that has big dreams. :0) Looks like a great barn and I bet a play room would neat!

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