Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today's Flowers *Dreaming in White*

Yes, these are more wildflowers from back at my pond. However, soon, my wildflowers will be gone (they pretty much are already). Soon, my pond will be frozen and covered with snow (ugh, I dread that). So, I've got to photography these while I can!

This photo reminds me of a daydream for some reason. Yes, I know I'm weird.

Dreaming in White
(c) Misty DawnS

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it's great these pretty wild flowers are still blooming.


When they go they rennew and come back agin. We all need a rest.


They do kind of look like a daydream should. Nice shot. These are about the only wildflowers left blooming, here, too. Although yesterday Hubby and I went to Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Park and I was surprised to find a couple of flowers leftover from summer. The frost must have missed them.

Hubby wants to go fishing this afternoon, so maybe I'll be able to find something still alive. ;)


The flowers look beautiful.. I also feel like daydreaming.. =)

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