Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday *Q is for Questions*


Due to my crazy, hectic life... along with my dreams and goals... I've had many Questions running through my mind lately. It seems that within each Question are more Questions, and I'm searching for the answers.

Some of the Questions include:
Which websites are best to display my photos? (because I need to cut back to give myself more time for posting and promoting)

What are the best ways to promote my photography? (and which ways do I have time for?)

What kind of schedule should I create for myself to get everything done in a day? (CAN I get everything done in a day?)

Should I revamp my blogs and create a whole new layout and structure on one blog?

There are so many more questions... so many...


Kerri Farley

You sure do have a lot going on..... I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Roger Owen Green

Well, IMHO, I don't know that you want one blog, but you may want one blog that links to the other blogs. Good luck.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


The word 'question'is an excellent Q-word. And your questions are actually similar to my own. I think I agree with Roger Owen Green, that you need one blog that connects with other blogs.
I have one main blog that gets the most traffic and then I have several others that are not visited by others as much. Entrecard boosted trafic to my two main blogs. But I see that I have less and less time to do all the things you are supposed to do to maintain traffic. I had a 92-rating in August when I was doing this 'NaBloPoMo' posting simething everyday. And now my rating has dropped to 89, now that I don't post everyday. It is a dilemma. I hope you find answers to your questions.
Best wishes,
Anna's abcWed.rd 7-Q

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