Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Leaves of Color*

This photo is from a week or so ago... when the leaves were still on the trees. Now, most of the leaves are gone. Guess that means the trees could tell some weight loss success stories, huh? We still have some pretty colorful trees at work though, and I keep looking at them on my way into and out of work and thinking that I should get out there with my camera on one of my breaks. However, it's starting to get cold, and Misty and cold do not like each other. LOL I know, I know, a true photographer will get out there no matter the weather... but, for me, that's when I'm home and able to bundle up - not when I'm at work wearing dress clothes. hehe

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EG CameraGirl

How nice to see a few leaves on treees. Ours are all on the ground. :)


The sky is grayish, not bright. Hence the leaves in the soft pastels will do as the brightness that the sky neglects...


Beautiful leaves with sky peaking between! Ours are mostly gone now, also.

Carolina Mountains

Lovely - we still have a few on our trees here.


Yep, our leaves are mostly gone, too. The colors are so pretty.

Calico Crazy

I love pretty fall leaves, most of ours just went from green to brown this year. ~ Calico Contemplations

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