Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *The Tree Again*

Do you remember two weeks ago when I was telling you about the tree I'm always drawn to and can't help photographing? Yes, I realize two weeks ago is a long time, especially considering you've probably got many blogs you visit during a week. Anyway, I'm always drawn to this one particular tree in one of our fields. Every time I go for a walk along the woods, I can't help but take at least one photo of the tree. Well, this photo of the tree is a bit different, because I wasn't in my normal walking area when I took it. Therefore, this photo of the tree is from a different perspective, because this photo was taken from behind my pond. Yes, I mentioned that place again, hehe.

Looks like rain, huh?
Believe it or not, it didn't rain. It just acted like it was going to rain.
(c) Misty DawnS

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Your tree is gorgeous from any angle! I love the light in this.

Jen at Cabin Fever

I love angry skies like that! :)

Funny Jokes

Nice posting.
Thanks a lot for share.


it looks so peaceful. i love the serenity

Wanna see fireworks on halloween?


Perfect colors and lighting! LOVE!!

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