Monday, November 1, 2010

Ruby Tuesday *Grass Addiction... Kinda*

Yes, I'm posting a photo of the colored grass again for Ruby Tuesday, but I just can't help myself! This grass catches my eye every time I go for a walk, and I can't resist photographing it! Seriously!!! It's grass that changes colors, just like the leaves on the trees change color for fall. How could you possibly resist it, if you are a photographer? Just sayin'.

(c) Misty DawnS

Yes, maybe I need to look in the directory submission for counseling regarding an addiction to grass. Wait... that didn't sound right. I mean color-changing grass! Geesh people, what do you think of me?!?!

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Very nice capture.

Cafe au lait

Wonderful capture.

I played too. Mine is here..


So beautiful! I wish we have some of the autumn colors here.


So pretty grass. I love it's Fall colors.

My Ruby Tuesday post here

Jan n Jer

I love it...if I had this grass you bet I would be showing pics of it!

Carolina Mountains

Cool grass - I would be photographing it too!

Mom Knows Everything

I've never seen red grass before...that's very cool!!!

Auntie E

Oh I love it.. must be some sort of ornamental grass.
My ruby Tuesday link for you


I couldn't resist it!!

Míriam Luiza

Foto intessante! Agradeço sua visita! Abraços!


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Eric Castelli


It's amazing stuff! Love it!


If you must have an addiction, grass is one to have, there are so many different types and they capture the light so nicely

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