Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Giant Catfish & The People I Don't Know

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(Before you panic... this catfish was caught and released - unharmed, except for its pride. It is now merrily swimming around in my pond, hopefully eating the excess of small Bluegill.)

I had a dream last night. Since most of my days have been consumed with thoughts of what I can do better and how I can improve things for the new year, I'm wondering how the heck this dream plays into everything. One could think I'm just terribly sick of winter and eager for warmer weather and fishing, but I think it must have a much deeper meaning. All dreams have meaning, right?

So, I was standing on a dock at a reservoir, and I look out over the water, and I see something huge surface and roll around at the top of the water. I squint and look closer, and I see it again. It's a HUGE... we're talking GIGANTIC... we're talking whale-sized catfish. So I turn to two guys who were standing on the next dock over, and I ask, "Did you see that thing?" (By the way, I have never seen either of those two guys in my non-dreaming life.)

The guys see the gigantic fish, and when I turn back around, one of the guys is gone... running up the bank (chicken!). The other guy is waving his arms around and yelling, "It's coming this way!"

So I turn back towards the fish, and it is now coming under the dock I'm standing on, but it is too big to clear it (we're talking whale-sized catfish, people!). So, the dock breaks apart, and I fall into the water. *At this point of the dream, I remember thinking to myself, "No big deal, I'm a good swimmer. Besides, this is a dream, and surely you can't be swallowed by a fish in your own dream! - Yeah, someone tell Jonah that!*

I start to swim, but the catfish is right there. I keep remembering their sharp fins, which seriously hurt when they cut you (yeah, had my fishing sense with me even in my dream), and I figured a catfish this big with fins that big could certainly cut my leg right off. So, I keep trying to propel myself through the water by pushing off of the fishes lips and head. Except... you ever tried to 'propel' yourself through water before? Not so easy... not even in a dream.

Next thing I know, I'm straddling the fish and riding it like a horse, and I realize it's SO big that my legs don't even reach those sharp fins. Finally, the fish makes a turn, and I realize I'm near the shore. So, I frantically head for the shore, struggling to kick the catfish away the entire time.

I make it to the shore, crawl up a hill, and go running into a cabin. There are two women asleep in the cabin, and I exclaim, "How can you be sleeping?!?! I need a fishing pole right now!" But the women didn't wake up, and I just stood there staring at them trying to figure out who they were, because I thought I recognized them, but wasn't sure.

Then, I woke up, with visions of a giant catfish head flashing before my eyes. Each time I closed my eyes for the rest of the night, I saw a giant catfish head staring at me.

What does it all mean??? I think this dream requires serious analyzing (like even more than when you're picking out the best 1st birthday invitations)... either that, or I need to have a catfish dinner tonight. Take that Mr. Whale-Sized Catfish!


Ashrunner're gonna catch a monster catfish in 2011? Funny dream, Squirrel, but I still can't figure out how you can push off the catfish's head when it's so slimy and slippery...hehehe.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia

Great catfish and interesting fishing dream. Happy New Year!

Darryl and Ruth

Kay L. Davies

Um, is there a connection between the catfish in the dream and the catfish eating the bluegill in your pond?
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Jen at Cabin Fever

What a weird dream! And you have really muscular arms. lol


I'm guessing that this dream is one NOT covered in dream interpretation books. Maybe it is a testament to your creativity....

Happy New Year!

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