Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bee Fly or Be Square

Bee Fly or Be Square

(c) Misty DawnS
Today, just cuz I happen to be in the mood, I thought I'd share with you the photo I posted to Flickr for "Buggy Tuesday". No, there's no official group for "Buggy Tuesday" (hmmm, meme idea?), it's just something a couple of my Flickr friends and I do. Besides, since one of my goals is to post a new photograph to Flickr more often (hopefully each day), I thought I'd share those photos here on the blog. Some of the photos may be repeats (like those powerful diet pills that work commercials), However, since this blog is three and a half years old, I figure it won't hurt to post a few repeat photographs, especially if it keeps me posting on a regular basis, and hopefully providing my readers/viewers (the three that I have left) with a post on a regular basis (hopefully each day... did I already say that? I tend to repeat myself.). Anyway, happy Buggy Tuesday to ya! May you fly through your Tuesday without any turbulance. :-)


Lisa Gordon

I love this photograph!
A much needed reminder of spring! :-)


I really like this fly. Looks similar to some we have out here. 8v)

Jen at Cabin Fever

Love this photo! Nice macro.

Kay L. Davies

Beautiful bee. Nice flower, too. LOL
I think all the photos I post to my blog go to Flickr, but I have no idea how to go to Flickr myself.
Nobody warned me I would some day become an old lady with limited abilities. Oh, people predicted we would all have computers in our homes some day, but I didn't believe them. And if they had told me about Flickr, I wouldn't have believed that, either.
So, just an innocent little question here, Misty. Why do you want to post a picture to Flickr every day?
Just thought I'd ask, because I really don't know.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Awesome picture! I like to chase bees in the summer sometimes.


Misty this is beautiful! He is beautiful! Makes me dream of warmer days!

Kerri Farley

OH Buggy Tuesday sounds fun!
Great capture!


Very neat capture!
I would like a buggy Tuesday myself...have so many of them on film...not knowing where and what to to with them!
My last bug I captured..still have not post it..it's a spider in a web, in front of a colorful apron at my local Grocery store! Ha! he had it good fo a little while...i may have "exposed him!"

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