Friday, January 7, 2011

Camera-Critters #144

I don't really get many photos during the winter. Yes, the snow can be very beautiful, but I tend to hibernate once the cold weather starts. I should bundle up and brave the cold to get out and get photos. I used to do that. Now, however, I tend to look at winter as the season to stay inside and get things done (like finding managed hosting for my websites). haha I did, however, get the below photo of an American Tree Sparrow during my holiday break. We had a heavy frost, and I was able to give myself a pep talk and get out to take some pictures!

Even the birds looked cold. Ha!
(c) Misty DawnS

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Kay L. Davies

Hi, Misty -- I accidentally posted mine early today, and have had some nice comments already.
I love the way your little Tree Sparrow has fluffed its feathers up to keep warm.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Kay L. Davies

Oops, me again, I got the list for #143 when I clicked on the badge. Thought I'd better let you know.
-- K


Cute shot of the Tree Sparrow, I would like to see this bird in my yard sometime.


I like how you captured the colorful sparrow against the icy background.

Iowa Gardening Woman

Nice shot, I enjoy the winter but as you say it is a time to rest. But if I don't outside each day I get accused of being

Verna Luga

I wonder how this lovelies survive the cold.. but great photo.. love the color.


Nice capture! Love the warmth of the sparrow against the coolness of the background. as a newcomer to CC, thanks for creating this... what fun!

Hootin' Anni

Sweet....I love the composition Dawn, the dried winter foliage with the contrasting brilliant brown of the sparrow.

Sorry, I'm feeling a little bit crabby today...stop by and see why?!! LOL


Beautiful birds, those Tree Sparrows. Stands out well in the frosty tree.


Glad to be back; I was gone for awhile for shoulder surgery, and am not recuperating and healing very well. Glad to see camera critters again!


Little birds are so sweet when they are fluffed up against the cold! Beautiful shot.


What a charming shot!


Mr. Sparrow looks a little chilly, as I'm sure you were. I've been refilling the bird feeder every other day. It's even been too cold to stand outside the back door and get sparrow shots. I'm a fair weather picture taker. ;(

Barbara (Xerraire)

Adorable bird in the snow!
Love these sweet creatures!


Oh, boy, but that's the coldest picture I've seen!! Great capture! ~karen

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress

so cute!


Oh, what a lovely photo!! visit mine at

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