Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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On Wednesdays, several of us who are on Flickr post a photo full of bokeh for "Bokeh Wednesday". For those of you who don't know what bokeh is, I most easily describe it as the blurred, out-of-focus (yes, that's redundant) background in a photo behind the main, in-focus, subject.

As I said in a comment on this photo when I posted it to Flickr - I am SO eager for spring to come and to be able to get some new photographs. I tend to hibernate in winter. Some of the photographers I know and admire have so much creativity and are able to continue creating beautiful photographs throughout the entire year. I don't do that... I photograph nature, and, therefore, my photograph supply ends up seriously lacking during the winter months. Oh well, I am who I am, I guess. (But I'm going to have to buy phenphedrine to make up for my lack of exercise!)
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Kerri Farley


I tend to hibernate in the Winter too ... only when the sun is shining and no wind do I dare to get out .... which hasn't been very often this winter.

Kay L. Davies

My husband doesn't hibernate in winter: he takes the dog and goes for walks to look for deer and sunsets. He accidentally achieved the effect you described here, Misty, and I'm just in the process of posting the photos.
Who knew?
Your "mummified" here is a much better example of the bokeh effect, and it is beautiful.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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THAT is so cool and very stunningly beautiful!

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It's a good photo. I took similar but the background is the lake and my photo is much better than this.

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