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Reconsidering About Blogging

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I've been blogging for three and a half years now. It has been quite an experience.

I've made what I consider mistakes, because I started out blogging to share my experiences but then got caught up in blogging for other reasons... reasons which caused me to turn my blogging into more of a chore than enjoyment. I found myself completing posts, because I "had to", rather than because I wanted to, and this resulted in the quality of my blog seriously diminishing.

Then, I came to the realization that I had too much on my plate, which was also causing my blogs to suffer a lack of quality. So, I determined to cut back to only this blog (my baby) and focus all my attention and creativity here. I know, in my heart, that I have what it takes to make this blog great, and, with renewed spirit, I set forth to accomplish much needed change... to focus on an outlet for my creative passions.

Now, however, I'm discovering it's not that easy. Granted, I'm not trying to get as many comments as possible anymore just for a high PR. I am, however, blogging because I want to share with others, but, unfortunately, I think I've destroyed any interest which may have been here way back when.

So, after three and a half years, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and, honestly, I'm not sure which way to go. I could continue focusing on this blog... I could start anew with a brand spankin' shiny new photography blog... I could just give up blogging all together...

I'm not sure which way to go yet, but whichever way I choose, at least I'm confident that it's for the right reasons.


Kay L. Davies

Decisions, decisions. I hate when that happens to me, especially deciding between options which, on the surface at least, appear equally valid.
I know you'll do what is best for you, and, if you decide to stop blogging altogether, we will miss you, but we'll be glad you are happy.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Hi there,
I know that it does take a lot of time and that gets to I also ask "For what reason do I blog?"

I know you will find your answers as you seek them. I have truly been inspired by you and also encouraged by your down to earth nature. Your heart is gererous and spirit open. YOU ( ans some others like you) are a BIG reason I blog.
So far my other reasons are: afor the fun, creativity, journal of memory, connection to those I admire and for the inspiration to go further in life, photography and my horsebackriding.
Of course...doing all those things "OUT IN THE WORLD" serve as the same. I am sometimes introverted and like quiet to think so sitting at home serves me well..thus- blogging.

I really hope you continue for YOURSELF, but, I will be happy for me too- if you do so.

Prayers for clarity to you~

Jen at Cabin Fever

I've thought the same thing recently. I think its the natural ebb and flow of this gig. It sounds like you might need a fresh start. Something new to spur your interests. Blogging once filled an outlet you needed. Was that outlet filled? Or forgotten? Do you still need to have that outlet even exist? Those are some tough questions.

Recently I've considered giving up my Cabin Fever Blog. Since we have moved I find myself feeling disconnected and as if I loss my niche now that I live in the cliche of middle America, just like you feel you've lost your desires for this blog for your own reasons. Its hard to consider. For me I think of all those who I've made connections with. Those connections would be forever severed and I am not ready for that. But, like you, I am wondering if change is on the horizon.

You'll make the right decision :)

Richard King

I know what it's like, I've gone through this too. At the end of the day it's your blog!
About every 3 months I say I'm going to get rid of my blog (mainly due to my depression), but it does keep me connected and gives me some things to do (when I want to now!).
It's not about getting, keeping followers or more comments. It's about putting up stuff that you want, when you want to. I put up a lot of animal videos, that are very hard to get (I need 1000 times longer than a photographer for every shot), then need editing, then fix the sound etc. Lots of hard work (often hours), but few followers ever look or add any comment (unfortunately not even family or friends). Still I enjoy making and putting them up.
I think my blog will go on and it will always evolve (as I change), at least it doesn't need any approvals now.
Good luck in whatever you do.


I haven't been here long, but I do know that no matter what, you are not the same person you were 3+ years ago when you started. So first, let yourself off the hook for what has been and chalk it up to experience. Now, look at what is important to you in your present. Is that something you want/are able to share? I bet we will love it. Also, if you need to just throw some photos up there for a while as you ponder, that is great too. You will find new readers who share your interests where you are now!


I hear you. It took me a while to finally decide leaving my blog for six years and concentrate on a more ME blog where I share my thoughts and some photographs. At the end of the day after weighting things, it all comes down to what will make you happy. Follow what your heart's desire.

Just found you.

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