Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coming Out of Hibernation ~ SOOC Sunday

(c) Misty DawnS

When I was creating my 2010 recap of critter photos for Camera-Critters, I realized that I didn't have any photos at all from February of 2010. After looking a little further, I realized I hardly had any photographs from February of 2009 either. I guess I'm deep into my hibernation mode by the time February rolls around! haha So, I'm kind of proud that I have a few photographs in the February 2011 folder on my hard drive. Not many, but a few any way. This photograph is one of them. Actually, to be honest, this photograph was a result of my going outside with the camera and forcing myself to snap a few photos, because I knew that I desperately needed to emotionally.

Whether you're using one of those cheap desktop computers or you've got a laptop in your lap, you should join in this fun meme (just click on the badge), which focuses on getting it right the first time.

Amazing Giveaway ~ All Natural Pesticides


Hello my wonderful readers! I've got a surprise for you! Just in time for spring and the arrival of the bugs - I'm having a giveaway of some AWESOME products by a company called EcoSMART. I'm telling ya - you'll want to try to win this giveaway, because I've used their products and they REALLY WORK! I'll be singing their praises for years to come. In fact, HERE is the prior review I did on some of EcoSMART's products. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about their products!

EcoSMART makes completely all natural pesticides, which are safe for children and pets. Did I mention this stuff works??? I LOVE their organic insect repellent. I use it when I go on photo walks and come back with NO TICKS. I also use it when I'm fishing, and it keeps the mosquitos away.

I'm extremely excited to be able to offer you the chance to try one of their value bundles! EcoSmart has agreed to send the winner of my giveaway the VALUE BUNDLE of your CHOICE! You can see all of the value bundes HERE. As the winner, you will be able to pick which value bundle would be best for you. Maybe you'll want to try the new bed bug killer, or maybe you're in need of some organic roach killer. I, personally, love the Insect Repellant so much, that the Safe Personal Care Value Bundle is perfect for me, because I don't ever, at any time, want to be without it!

O.K., I'll quit rambling and tell you about the giveaway:

Who: U.S. residents, excluding Alaska & Hawaii.

How: To enter, visit the Value Bundles page and tell me which product you would choose and why. DON'T FORGET to make sure you leave a valid e-mail address for me to contact you if you win. If you don't have a blog/website, you can still enter - just leave your name and e-mail address along with your comment.

Because I want to get the word out about EcoSMART and their great products, if you do a blog post, Twitter tweet, or Facebook status update about this giveaway, you can get an extra entry for each that you do. Make sure you leave a separate comment and link for each entry you complete.

When: The giveaway will close at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 12, 2011 CST.

Then What: A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday, March 13, 2011. The winner will then need to send me their shipping information, and EcoSMART will ship your product and send me a tracking number. The winner will receive the organic pest control products in no time and be ready for spring and the arrival of the bugs!

(An After Thought - I don't offer extra entries for subscribing to my feed. I want people to subscribe to my feed because they like my blog and want to come back regularly, not because they are trying to win a contest. However, I do encourage you to visit awhile and check out a few more of my posts. If you like what you see, I'd be honored to have you subscribe and visit again. Thank you!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Time ~ Camera-Critters #151

Just in time for spring ~ enter my awesome giveaway!

This weekend is a very special Camera-Critters time at our house. Someone we know and love has a birthday this weekend. Someone, despite my disbelief and denial, is turning four years old this weekend. I won't mention any names... I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

However, I'll give ya a couple hints...

Think cute...

Think adorable...

Think sweet...

Think irresistible...

Think black & white...

Think furry...

Give up???

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

*sigh* My baby is growing up no matter how I try to stop it! Well, I guess the good thing is we don't need to worry about the best acne treatment or paying for college.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm O.K. ~ I Think

I got an e-mail this morning from one of my best friends asking if I am O.K. I guess I haven't updated my blog, Flickr, or Facebook status in a while, and she was concerned about me. I truly do love my online friends! I'm O.K. I've just had a lot going on lately. I've got the flu... you know, the body aches, fever (even after taking Tylenol), just want to sleep for the rest of my life thing. I don't think I need a colon cleansing, but I've not ruled anything out yet, if it may make me feel better! This is totally the wrong time for me to be sick, because I'm at a very busy time at work.

Oh, and speaking of work, I've been interviewing for another position within the University where I work. I say "interviewing", because I got called for a second interview after the first. Now, I need to make a list of pros and cons regarding the position I'm at now versus the position I've interviewed for in case they offer me the job.

To top it all off, along with being sick and trying to figure out what to do at work, we're at a point in our house remodeling/construction wherein half of our house will have the inside walls torn out of it. This is because we're in a very old house, with lathe on the walls and no insulation. Once it is all torn apart (I'm praying it's not TOO long), we will put insulation in the walls (hopefully that will help with the heating) and drywall, etc. In the meantime, it's going to be messy, cold, and we're going to be trying to live with all of the contents of our entire house shoved into a couple rooms. Yeah, let the fun begin! LOL

On a more fun note, I'm going to be posting a very awesome giveaway soon (like ummmmm maybe tomorrow!!!). So, stay tuned and make sure you enter, because I've used this product, and it's AWESOME!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stick With Me Kid

Stick With Me Kid, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

I remember when I took this photograph... way back when. It was one of a series of photographs I took of this caterpillar (or "capalillar" as I used to call them when I was young). This fuzzy cutie did all kinds of poses for me, as I knelt next to it snapping one photograph after another. I remember thinking, "You certainly don't have to worry yourself with the best diet pills, do ya?"

This photo is my favorite out of the series, because it contains the Salt Marsh Moth catapillar with the Shield Bug following. It reminds me of one of those "Why can't we all just get along" posters. Or, maybe it would work with a great friends quote.
What do you think?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mother Nature Teases

(c) Misty DawnS

This photograph was taken with longing thoughts of spring filling my mind. Just looking at this blue sky and the pretty, little sparrows in the Tulip Tree (so they don't get tea tree oil acne) would make you believe me if I said that spring had arrived, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, I can't lead you on any longer. This photo was taken on January 29, 2011. Just a couple days after this beautiful blue sky, we had the blizzard of 2011. Ha! Mother Nature doesn't have much of a sense of humor!

Speaking of Mother Nature's sense of humor... 72 degrees on Thursday, mid-50s on Friday, back to freezing Friday night, cold and blustery yesterday, thunderstorms all night long last night. Talk about throwing a little bit of everything all into a week's time, huh?

Elderly Ladies and the Farmers Almanac

(c) Misty DawnS

A few days ago, a student came into our office to meet with my office partner. We got to talking about the weather... more specifically winter. My office partner said she doesn't mind the snow, she just doesn't like to be cold. The student replied that the cold doesn't really bother him either, only when the wind is blowing (which is pretty constant out here). My reply was simply, "I don't like it, and I hate driving in it."

That's when the student decided to tell us there is another blizzard coming. What??? "Yes," he replied "I guess it's in the Farmer's Almanac." Really??? "Yes, and all the old ladies at church are talking about it, and you KNOW that if all the elderly ladies at church are sayin' it's gonna happen, then it's GONNA happen!" We all then laughed. The student headed to class, and we went about our work.

I certainly hope the Farmer's Almanac and the elderly ladies are wrong this time! I've had enough of winter!

Shoveling snow... it's the new quick weight loss diet

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On The Move ~ Camera-Critters #150

A couple days ago, I was following my normal routine after getting home from work, which includes, of course, going out to feed the dogs. Not only do I have a routine, but so do my dogs. I go in the pens, feed Molly, then Maggie, and then Tag. By the time I'm done feeding Tag and walking back outside, Maggie May has already finished eating and runs outside to "watch over me" as I walk through the yard back to the house. Only, this day, it was different... this time, when Maggie May ran outside into her pen to watch over me, she immediately started throwing an absolute fit... springing up in the air and barking her cute little head off. When I turned around to see what she was throwing a fuss about, I followed her stare and saw a wet critter crawling through the panel of Tag's pen. I followed the critter until it paused in the yard, and then I turned and went running for my camera. Let me tell ya, you don't need thermogenic fat burners when you're a critter-chasing photographer, because by the time I got back outside with the camera, the critter was already in the pasture, and I found myself running along the fence line trying to get photos.

(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

Why did the opossum cross the road?
Cuz that's what possums do!
(c) Misty DawnS

The photos aren't good quality, because it was a very foggy evening, but I did the best I could.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Anticipating Spring Mug Winner

And the winner of the "Anticipating Spring" mug is....

Linda Mayor!!!

Congratulations Linda.

For those of you who didn't win... don't give up yet.
I happen to know that there will be
another "Anticipating Spring" mug giveaway soon,
along with giveaways of "Hang In There" Raccoon mugs!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anticipating Spring Giveaway

Petals of Pink, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

I am so very ready for winter to be over. I'm excited, because we are supposed to have spring-like temperatures by the end of this week. Unfortunately though, not only will that make all the snow and ice melt and cause a muddly, sloppy mess, but it will also make it even harder and more depressing when the temperatures drop back down to winter temps again. Unless... that doesn't happen... hmmmm (Yeah, keep dreaming Misty!)

So, since I know I"m not the only one looking forward to putting winter behind me, feeling the warm sunshine, and seeing the flowers again...

And, since it's the day after Valentine's Day...

And, since that groundhog didn't see his shadow...

I'm having a "Looking Forward to Spring" giveaway! While I'd love to be able to give away refurbished computers, unfortunately my finances make that impossible. I can (and will), however, give away one of my "Anticipating Spring" coffee mugs!

Here's what the mug looks like - Pink N' Purple Hydrangeas on one side and the above Pink Peony on the other side of the mug. It's sure to brighten your day!

To enter for a chance to win the mug, leave me a comment on this post telling me why you want to win this mug. (Open to United States and Canada residents)

*Bonus* You can earn additional entries by telling about this giveaway in a tweet, blog post, or facebook status. Be sure to leave me a separate comment (and link) for each of these that you complete.

The giveaway will be open until 5 p.m. (central time) Thursday. I will announce the winner on Friday.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold Feet ~ Camera-Critters #149

Finally!!! I finally get to post these photographs! I've been waiting almost an entire week to post these photographs!

Last weekend, Hubs had gone down to the farm to feed. I was doing house chores when my cell phone rang. I saw on the caller i.d. that it was Hubs calling, and when I answered the phone, I simply heard, "Boots and camera". That was all I needed to hear. I threw the camera bag over my shoulder, hastily slipped into my boots, and ran out to the driveway. Hubs pulled in, and I jumped into the vehicle eager to see what he had found for me to photograph. (Heck, I would have done flips and pull-ups on pull up bars if it meant I'd get a good photograph.)

I continued to look from window to window anticipating catching a glimpse of what I was intended to photograph. Then... I saw it, and I was jumping out of the vehicle before Hubs could come to a stop. (Don't worry, he's used to that.)

(c) Misty DawnS

I like the pose in the photograph above, but
the background in the below photograph is much less distracting.
What do you think?
(c) Misty DawnS

I just LOVE when my husband calls me because he's found something for me to photograph!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magic Drops & Details

It's All In The Details, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

A few nights ago, my dad said he thought he had an eyelash or something in his eye. It kept bugging him that night, but the next day, he was fine. Well, the next day, it was driving him nuts. He went to work, but his eye kept tearing really bad, and Dad kept rinsing his eye out every few minutes until he couldn't stand it anymore and went to the eye doctor.
The doctor put Dad back in a chair and was leaning over Dad looking at his eye through a magnifier. There was an old lady assistant, who sat in a chair against the wall. When the doctor needed a tool, she would get up and place the tool in the doctor's hand, or she would leave the room and go get the tool. This was so the doctor didn't have to change his position.
At one point, the doc told the old woman that he needed some jeweler's forceps. So, she left the room and brought some back with her. He then told her he needed a different pair. When she left the room again, he explained to Dad that you can't really see what the tip of the tool is like until you get it under the magnifier.
When the doc got the new tool, he located and removed the foreign object, which was stuck in Dad's eyelid and was scratching the heck out of his cornea. He then put some drops and ointment in Dad's eye and sat his chair back upright.
When Dad sat back upright, he saw that now where there was an old woman assistant, there was a young blonde assistant in the chair against the wall. Dad asked the doc what he put in his eye, and the doc replied "some medicated drops and ointment" My dad looked back at the assistant's chair which now had a young blonde in it and replied, "Well, could you put some in my other eye too?"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is the Yolk of Emotions

Love is the Yolk of Emotions, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

In five days, it is Valentine's Day (also my grandfather's birthday... I miss him so much)... the holiday of love.
I'm so unprepared. No, I don't prepare for Valentine's Day. I'm unprepared for the fact that it is already almost the middle of February. Seriously... where did January go? Where did the first week of February go?
Oh yeah, I remember now.
First week of February =
- leaving work early due to freezing rain
- heeding the forecasters' advice and staying home and preparing for the "Blizzard of 2011"
- staring out my window at the "Blizzard of 2011"
- having strangers sleep in my living room after Hubs pulled them out of the ditch (as a result of the Blizzard of 2011)
- using a shop vac and bath towels to sop water off the floor of our flooded kitchen
- heaving a sigh of relief that we were home when the kitchen flooded and more damage wasn't done
- heaving a sigh of relief that the blizzard wasn't worse than it was

Oh yeah, I remember now!

Hubs and I have pretty hectic lives, and sometimes it seems we are so busy working and doing "what needs to be done" that we don't take time for what's most important... the whole reason we are here doing all this... "us"... our marriage... our relationship. Some say Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark holiday", created to sell flowers and candy. For me, it's going to be a day to make it a point to remind my husband how great I think he is.

And, for some reason, I now have the urge to make egg salad...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never Give Up

Never Give Up, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

Judging by her wings, this female Blue Dasher had faced some rough times, yet wasn't willing to give up.
It has been a crazy week! As you will read in the post below, the blizzard resulted in our having unexpected company for the night (couldn't get home after Hubs pulled them out of the ditch), then the aftermath of the blizzard, and then our kitchen flooded. Is it spring yet???

Friday, February 4, 2011

Like a Good Neighbor...

Misty DawnS

During the day on Tuesday, Hubs and I commented that the blizzard wasn't nearly as bad as it had been predicted. Tuesday evening, Hubs and I ate our words as we continually commented that we couldn't see our barn, let alone the neighboring house, anymore.

Tuesday night, as I sat on my couch with a laptop and Hubs sat on his couch with a laptop (yeah, a typical evening), we listened to the the wind gusting so hard it sounded like it would tear down the house. All of a sudden, the dogs went crazy, and there was a knock on the door. A kid, who had to have been freezing, asked if he could borrow a shovel. Hubs gave him a shovel, and then took our vehicle down the road to assess the situation. He came back and got his skid loader. After quite some time, as I watched out the window and could barely see their headlights, hubs finally got them pulled out of the ditch. They went driving by the house, Hubs came in the house with snow and ice covering his face, and we, thinking all was well, went on with our evening.

Except, about 20 minutes later, a vehicle pulled in our drive. That's when Hubs said, "They're back, they must not have been able to make it down the road. I told them to come back if they couldn't make it." So, we frantically tried to straighten up the house a bit in the seven minutes it took them to get to our door. We got them some blankets, and the dad slept on one of our couches and the son slept on the other. Wednesday morning, the four of us sat together and stared out the window at the snowdrifts which were cutting off transportation. We stared long and hard as if the drifts might magically disappear and just prove to be a figment of our imagination. Alas, they did not, so that's when the farmers went into action mode. I watched throughout the morning and afternoon as the neighbors got together with tractors and skid loaders and discussed who was going to move snow at which part of the road. That's the true definition of "community" and "neighbors".

Later, an online friend of mine asked if they offered us any money, because calling a tow truck alone would have cost them. I laughed and said "Out here, you don't call a tow truck; you call a neighbor."

That's just the way it is here.

P.S. That photo was not taken after the blizzard... I haven't brought myself to look at those photos yet :-P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More on Promotional Materials

I've been talking quite a bit lately about wanting to work on this blog and make it better. I have a few blogs which I visit each day, and I strive to put the quality into my blog like the blogs I admire and am eager to visit on a daily basis.

One thing I'm going to do with my blog is make it more photography oriented. Yes, I realize it is already about my photography for the most part, but I want to make it even more about the photographs. Of course, that won't do me much good if I don't have an audience. So, I've also been thinking of ways to promote the blog and my photography sales website. I mentioned previously that I know of some businesses which successfully promote themselves with promotional pens, and I think that is a good and fairly inexpensive way to get and keep your name in front of people.

I was also thinking that since blogging is also about writing and expressing yourself, having a logo on some great pads to write on, or even doodle on, would also be a good idea. That way, any time someone writes a note, a grocery list, or even doodles while on the telephone, your name and logo is right there to be seen and remembered.

What do you use for promotion? Do you have some custom Bic Stic pens? Business cards? T-shirts? What has worked for you?

To Brighten the Day

(c) Misty DawnS

Well, everything is closed down here due to the "Blizzard of 2011". Over the past few days, I watched our area on the weather map go from off yellow (hazardous weather advisory) to blue (winter storm watch) to pink (winter storm warning) to red (blizzard warning). Now, we are a light blue for wind chill advisories. It seems that February wanted to come "in like a lion" this year.

Last night, a neighbor and his son got stuck in the ditch. After Hubs pulled them out, they couldn't get down the road and spent the night at our place. This morning, we all sat and stared out the window at the high and long drifts across the road. We doubted that even a snow plow would make it through those drifts. So, now Hubs is out moving snow with his skid loader. I'm doing my best to keep the fire going in the woodburner and wondering if I'll be able to make it to work even tomorrow.

So, I thought this photo would be appropriate to brighten the day and remind us of what is to come... in a few months. ;-)

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