Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold Feet ~ Camera-Critters #149

Finally!!! I finally get to post these photographs! I've been waiting almost an entire week to post these photographs!

Last weekend, Hubs had gone down to the farm to feed. I was doing house chores when my cell phone rang. I saw on the caller i.d. that it was Hubs calling, and when I answered the phone, I simply heard, "Boots and camera". That was all I needed to hear. I threw the camera bag over my shoulder, hastily slipped into my boots, and ran out to the driveway. Hubs pulled in, and I jumped into the vehicle eager to see what he had found for me to photograph. (Heck, I would have done flips and pull-ups on pull up bars if it meant I'd get a good photograph.)

I continued to look from window to window anticipating catching a glimpse of what I was intended to photograph. Then... I saw it, and I was jumping out of the vehicle before Hubs could come to a stop. (Don't worry, he's used to that.)

(c) Misty DawnS

I like the pose in the photograph above, but
the background in the below photograph is much less distracting.
What do you think?
(c) Misty DawnS

I just LOVE when my husband calls me because he's found something for me to photograph!

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Just beautiful, Misti! I like the pose in the first one, too.


These are so beautiful! My friends are trained to do that now, I get random calls and texts - You have to get your camera. I love it!


Beautiful shots. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


BRRRR... great shot as usual!


Hahaha I can imagine myself being like that alwaus rushing to grab a camera if there some interesting photo to take.

Anyway the photo looks beautiful very colorful bird and the tail is long enough and sharp.


Such a graceful bird! And beautiful shots.


Gorgeous shots of handsome bird :)

Iowa Gardening Woman

Nice Hubby! Beautiful shots. It used to be very common to see pheasants around here but not now, once in awhile I see one.


Oh, isn't he just GORGEOUS! Both shots of this colorful pheasant are super, but for the reasons you state, I'd pick the second. And although I think I sometimes drive my sweetie crazy with this hobby-near-obsession, he does play along nicely most of the time and even finds me things... so I relate. How FUN!


awww. this is so cute. looks like it's dancing.


Gorgeous bird! This is so very rare to see in my neck of the woods.

Chubskulit Rose

Simply gorgeous!

Camera Critters, have a great weekend.


Great shots! I agree...better pose in the first, better background in the second.

EG CameraGirl

Oh my gosh! I am green with envy!

Lisa Gordon

What a magnificent bird Misty, and you have captured it beautifully. I am going to agree with you on the pose and the background. I think the "pose" is my favorite.


gorgeous bird! and what a great hubby to alert you to the opportunity!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

gorgeous photos of the pheasant


What beautiful photos! You are so lucky to have a DH who aids and abetts in getting such great shots :-)

Visiting from the Camera Critter meme!

i beati


Maude Lynn

Gorgeous captures!

Johnny Nutcase

awesome shots of this guy. What a perfect setting too, in the snow. He's a looker! (oh Burrowing Owls , just prairie dogs that time!)



Kerri Farley

How Beautiful!

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