Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm O.K. ~ I Think

I got an e-mail this morning from one of my best friends asking if I am O.K. I guess I haven't updated my blog, Flickr, or Facebook status in a while, and she was concerned about me. I truly do love my online friends! I'm O.K. I've just had a lot going on lately. I've got the flu... you know, the body aches, fever (even after taking Tylenol), just want to sleep for the rest of my life thing. I don't think I need a colon cleansing, but I've not ruled anything out yet, if it may make me feel better! This is totally the wrong time for me to be sick, because I'm at a very busy time at work.

Oh, and speaking of work, I've been interviewing for another position within the University where I work. I say "interviewing", because I got called for a second interview after the first. Now, I need to make a list of pros and cons regarding the position I'm at now versus the position I've interviewed for in case they offer me the job.

To top it all off, along with being sick and trying to figure out what to do at work, we're at a point in our house remodeling/construction wherein half of our house will have the inside walls torn out of it. This is because we're in a very old house, with lathe on the walls and no insulation. Once it is all torn apart (I'm praying it's not TOO long), we will put insulation in the walls (hopefully that will help with the heating) and drywall, etc. In the meantime, it's going to be messy, cold, and we're going to be trying to live with all of the contents of our entire house shoved into a couple rooms. Yeah, let the fun begin! LOL

On a more fun note, I'm going to be posting a very awesome giveaway soon (like ummmmm maybe tomorrow!!!). So, stay tuned and make sure you enter, because I've used this product, and it's AWESOME!


Kay L. Davies

Feel better soon, Misty. Like maybe right now!
Dreadful to have to make serious decisions, and endure serious messes, when sick. Awful, awful.
Wishing you well (you make take the last word literally).
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Feel better soon, sweetie!

I know you'll make the right decision regarding work. (of course, they'll offer you the job because you're awesome)

I don't envy you the torn up house thing, but it will all be worth it in the end.

PS - I just posted a new CSN Stores giveaway today. I know you'll want to enter!

Jen at Cabin Fever

Feel better and stay warm!! :)


Wow - you do have a lot going on there. I hope you kick the flu soon and kick butt in your interview! As for the remodeling - just survive it and it's a win. Good luck.

Johnny Nutcase

oh man! these guys are adorable!


Oh my goodness! You weren't kidding! You do have alot going on. Take care of yourself and thank you for still finding time for your online friends. We love you and wish you the best!

Mom Knows Everything

Me was worried about my BBFF! You take care of yourself and get all better and I'll deal with anyone who bothers you. ikick imoon

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