Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magic Drops & Details

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A few nights ago, my dad said he thought he had an eyelash or something in his eye. It kept bugging him that night, but the next day, he was fine. Well, the next day, it was driving him nuts. He went to work, but his eye kept tearing really bad, and Dad kept rinsing his eye out every few minutes until he couldn't stand it anymore and went to the eye doctor.
The doctor put Dad back in a chair and was leaning over Dad looking at his eye through a magnifier. There was an old lady assistant, who sat in a chair against the wall. When the doctor needed a tool, she would get up and place the tool in the doctor's hand, or she would leave the room and go get the tool. This was so the doctor didn't have to change his position.
At one point, the doc told the old woman that he needed some jeweler's forceps. So, she left the room and brought some back with her. He then told her he needed a different pair. When she left the room again, he explained to Dad that you can't really see what the tip of the tool is like until you get it under the magnifier.
When the doc got the new tool, he located and removed the foreign object, which was stuck in Dad's eyelid and was scratching the heck out of his cornea. He then put some drops and ointment in Dad's eye and sat his chair back upright.
When Dad sat back upright, he saw that now where there was an old woman assistant, there was a young blonde assistant in the chair against the wall. Dad asked the doc what he put in his eye, and the doc replied "some medicated drops and ointment" My dad looked back at the assistant's chair which now had a young blonde in it and replied, "Well, could you put some in my other eye too?"



Hahaha.. you should send that in to Reader's Digest!


It still funny the second time around....8v)


Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.


great shot. great detail. great post. funny.

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