Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol Blues & Other Randomness

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I've been slacking on my blogging lately. I've just been having a hard time finding inspiration, ya know? This happens at the middle or end of winter ever year. So, I just have to keep my head up and remind myself that soon the sun will shine; the flowers will bloom; the bugs will fly; and the gloom will lift. :-) Yes, it will.

Some randomness...
I still want to change my blog around, but am not sure exactly how or what yet. Can't quite put my finger on it, but something needs to change... in addition to my posting more.

My husband is at a manly-builder's-store right now. No, he's not looking at hot tub spa covers. He IS, however, ordering a window for our living room.

I'm having an awesome giveaway on my blog, which has generated hardly any response at all, and that's depressing.

I'm craving a bbq pulled-pork sandwich and corn on the cob. Weird, huh? Oh wait, those are two of my faves... so that makes sense!

This video of Chris Medina (one of the American Idol contestants) made me cry... while I was at work, no less!

I can't watch American Idol right now, because my cable box isn't working, and I can't leave work in time to meet up with the cable guy to have it fixed. Besides, they want to charge me twice -- once to make it work in the temporary location since our living room is being renovated and then again when the living room is finished and the tv is in its permanent location. And, since I can't find anywhere to watch the episodes online, I'm out of luck. :-( Y'all will have to keep me up-to-date!!!

Oh, and it's supposed to rain today.

That is all for now. Proceed with having a great day :-)



the bluesy blahs happens to us ALL at one time or another..
sometimes because of an underlying cause..
other times as my sis so aptly labels it:
"seasonal situational depression"
In my case, I'm a child of beachy sunshine and in Mile High Denver Colorado..
the cure for my malady is a trip home each year when it hits..
I'll be landing in Florida soon!
I'll keep you posted..
so..put on some happy music..
get up and out and about!..
follow the sun..
even if you do have to be all bundled up..
turn that frown upside down into a smile..
it's infectious!
makes folks wonder what's your secret!
that ALWAYS works wonders for me..
warmest sandy hugs..


Medically it is SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder ~ Get out in the Sunshine girl! I'm sorry you are feeling this way, I hate the cold of winter but I hibernate but my shades are up!
I entered your contest! :-)

Have a great weekend, love ya.


Jen at Cabin Fever

I know about winter making you feel crappy all too well. Hopefully you can spend a little time outside sooner than later! It will surely make you feel better :)

Kay L. Davies

Time to cuddle the dogs, Misty. Bring them in the house and play "dog pile" - you might scream but it won't be from depression if you're on the bottom of the pile.
Winter used to make me weep when I lived on the west coast, with rain, rain, and more rain. Here it may be colder than a witch's heart, but we have sunshine most days (today isn't one of them, so I'm very sleepy).
Don't watch anything on TV that will make you cry or want to cry. This might be difficult: some comedies are so bad I want to cry from the sheer awfulness of them, but try to look for something cheerful. My brother likes documentaries about sharks. LOL
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Oh my goodness, Misty. I haven't been watching American Idol this season and now I think I might want to. I cried on that video too, wow. Amazingly touching.

End of winter is tough for me too. But your blog is such a joy to read, and that helps sometimes. I wish I had more time in a day...I really do. I don't know how you get around to everyone. I'm struggling to do that and still be here for my family. It's a balance I haven't quite figured out yet. All I know is, sometimes, I just feel blessed knowing others out there feel some of the same things I do. You're not alone girl. And your little cheery blue flower has brightened my heart.:)

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