Thursday, March 31, 2011

Landscape Photographer Peter Lik in Television Show "From the Edge"

After seeing a tweet I voluntarily put on Twitter about how excited I am to watch the premier of the new show "From the Edge" with landscape photographer Peter Lik, The Weather Channel sent me an e-mail asking if I would be interested in doing a blog post about the show's premier. I said "Heck yeah!" and opened up Blogger to get started. I'm all about a television show featuring a photographer... especially a landscape or nature photographer!

So, they provided me with some information to use in this post to let all of you know that "From the Edge", with landscape photographer Peter Lik, premiers TONIGHT (March 31) on The Weather Channel at 8/7c. I seriously plan to record each week's show, but I'm a bit obsessive like that.

If you would like to view a website about the show, here's a link:

The first episode of the show is in Hawaii, and The Weather Channel was nice enough to provide me with some clips to include in my post for your viewing pleasure...
From The Edge with Peter Lik Clip: Peter Flies to Volcano's Edge.

From The Edge with Peter Lik Clip: Peter goes after Pele, goddess of fire

I am SERIOUSLY excited about this show, and I'll do a recap for you to let you know what I think about the premier.

** I was not compensated to do this post. After voluntarily promoting the show, I was contacted directly by The Weather Channel to see if I was interested in writing a blog post, and I was supplied some links, video clips, and other information to use in the post, if I chose to do it. Which I did... choose to do it... because it's a t.v. show about an awesome photographer... I mean Seriously!**



I really enjoyed the premiere of the show. Can't wait for future episodes.

Lik is a great photographer and insights into his thought patterns is really interesting.


Ah, man! I am so behind on my fave blogs I missed this and it was in Hawaii as well! I'm gonna see if I can get it maybe online. Thanks for telling us about it, Misty! Looks great!


I saw the first one and the second is on the DVR. Thank you so much for posting this!! I love the show!

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