Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lessons Learned From My Archives

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I've been spending time looking through my photo archives. This first started because I didn't have any new photographs to post (which tends to happen about this time each year), but then, it became something more. Looking through my archives brought back memories... memories of that "photo-drive" that Hubs and I went on... memories of the first time I saw that species of dragonfly... memories of when we had a hail storm with hail the size of softballs. Not only have I been enjoying the memories, but I have also been rediscovering photographs which I took and completely forgot about and just left sitting there, ignored, on my hard drive.

I find it very intriguing how I can look at a photograph (mine or someone else's) one day and think it is 'nice' but nothing that blows me away. Yet, I can go back to that same photograph at another time, and it now blows me away. I think it depends on the mood... the season (I'm totally loving spring-type photos right now, of course)... and just my whole outlook on things. Just as all of those things change, so does the way a photograph affects me.

I also find myself taking certain things for granted, or not seeing the beauty in things that are commonplace for me now. For example, I've noticed that, in 2008, I took 30 or more photographs of a particular species of dragonfly or butterfly... Yet, in 2010, I have only a couple photographs of that species. This is because they became "common" to me, and rather than still appreciating and capturing their beauty, as they deserve, I now pass them up in search of something "new and exciting". I'm truly amazed at how something as simple as going through my photo archives could actually cause me to take notice and teach myself a few lessons.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find a food delivery service and continue going through my archives and teaching myself a few lessons... and rediscovering some photographs along the way!



LOL I just love this post, Misty. I've been doing the same thing. And I loved the last sentence. We've been eating a lot more takeout since I became so enamored of my camera.;-) There are many lessons to be learned from our archives and many new challenges and exciting things to photograph each year. I feel exhilarated by it all. It's such a gift. As is having you for a friend. xo

Kay L. Davies

You sound much happier, so your archived photos have done that for you, too. I'm so glad.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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I often got through my archives and find the same which before were 'okay' but now are 'wow!'

And I too will be out shooting and see a rather common critter and think, 'I got tons of shots of this thing...on to newer and better things.'

I guess we all fall into that trap. Maybe this shooting season we'll find something new in the common. 8v)

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