Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wherever You Go, I'll Follow

Wherever You Go, I'll Follow, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.
I was hesitant to post this photo of this Tiger Swallowtail pair, because their rugged wings definitely show signs of hardship. However, I realized we all have rugged wings, and we should wear them with pride of what we have overcome and what we have become.

This pair has obviously overcome, and they still see the beauty in each other. In fact, there may be reason to hand out cigars to all the butterflies at the office soon! LOL

I remember spending quite a while watching them flit around, seemingly unhindered by their torn and shabby wings.

Another one of nature's lessons - Your scars only prove strength within and add to your overall beauty.

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Jen at Cabin Fever

Love this photo! Nothing like some beautiful butterflies to make you think of spring :) And I agree... we should all wear our worn wings with pride.

Lisa Gordon

Fantastic photograph, and wonderful post.

Rosie Gan

A wonderful post...we should be reminded now and then to be proud of our battle scars!


Wonderfully sharp image. Happy Macro Monday.


I love the clarity of the photo, and such a wonderful life lesson. I hope I carry my rugged wings so well.


They are quite lovely! Shabby or not, still beautiful!


Short, sweet, to the point, and really lovely.

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