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13-Year Cicada ~ Camera-Critters #164

Quoted from the Missouri Department of Conservation:

"It says by early May, the 13-year cicadas will emerge from hibernation much earlier than their "dog-day" cicada counterparts that typically arrive in late summer.

The department says the periodical cicadas spend 13 years in the ground feeding on sap from tree roots before emerging en masse.

The 13-year cicada is much smaller, but noticeably louder. They'll gather in trees over a single acre chanting their mating calls.

They have dark bodies and reddish eyes."

Hmmm, that sounds pretty cool.
Red eyes, huh?
Wonder if they'll really show up, and
what they'll look like...
(c) Misty DawnS

"The last time the Show-Me State saw the 13-year cicadas was in 1998 -- a particularly large brood.

This go-round, they're expected to cover most of the state. The department says the Bootheel and parts of northwest Missouri will escape them.

The noise will likely be gone by June."

haven't really heard any noise, and it's almost June, BUT
these red eyes??? Ya think??? hehehehe
(c) Misty DawnS

These photos were taken of a visitor who was hanging out on the side of the house, next to my front door. I had gone out to get the mail, and on my way back, I saw this visitor and ran for the camera. Thank you for the photo shoot, my new friend! Hmmmm, they only come around every 13 years... I guess they don't concern themselves with term life insurance then! The 13-year Cicada is part of the genus called Magicicada. Isn't that cool? Get it? "Magic" Cicada... ok, maybe I need more sleep, but I think that is totally cool! They sure are awesome... well, to a bug-lover like me, anyway! I honestly haven't heard the cicadas (of any sort) yet this year, so I consider myself very lucky to get some photos before these critters decide to leave again for another 13 years!!! I'm just in love with those eyes, and this critters was a perfect and willing model! So much fun! (Yes, I know I have issues, and I don't care. So there.)

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Kay L. Davies

"and I don't care, so there"! That's tellin' 'em, Misty. If you think they're cute, well, you go right ahead and think it.
I have my critters all shot and ready to post tomorrow.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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bristol stag weekend

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Whoa, what a big ugly bug. Great closeups, Misty!

Iowa Gardening Woman

Wow, if a 13 year nap does that to one's eyes I don't think I'll try it :). Nice shots.


I love hearing them late at night

your model is a handsome fellow
your shots are fantastic


he may be ugly, but i like the songs they sing! Happy Critter Day!


Fantastic detail! The colours are great and as for those eyes wow! Good job you got the photos when you did it could be a long wait for the next photo shoot.

Hootin' Anni

Love the photos, as I always do. But the info about them was absolutely incredible!!! Never, EVER knew all this.

My Critter blog this week is a photo of a laughing gull, AND I added a touching dog video -1.5 minutes long- of a dog that was blown away in a tornado only to CRAWL home 2 weeks later. It's a must see...the stamina and determination of animals.

Have a great weekend.

Here's my link to Camera Critters.

Jidhu Jose

nice shots.
mine is here :


He is beautiful. I'm fascinated by those long lifecycles, especially since many species who have adopted it have a prime number cycle - that keeps them from coinciding with the cycles of other species. Very cool.


Hummm...ya think he's hungover from a night on the town, what with those red eyes and all?

Nice shots Misty, and nice of him to stick around for a photo session.


Informative post and great close ups. Boom & gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Adrienne Zwart

It's amazing to me that they live so long, almost in suspended animation like that under the ground. I agree with you, those red eyes are striking!


I can't help it...they're pretty gross.


LOL I was gonna say exactly what Becca said!;-)

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