Monday, May 2, 2011

I Just Want To Fish Already!

Golden Glory, originally uploaded by Misty DawnS.

I really, really wanted to go fishing this weekend. That's when I relax, think, meditate... relax (it deserves to be said twice). So, my goal for this weekend, was to go fishing at some point in between doing all the other 'have-to-stuff'(like researching what epistane is).

Friday, it had been a stressful day, and I just wanted to get home, and Go.Fishing. However, my brake caliper stuck, and I had to pull my smoking vehicle into someone's driveway and wait for Hubs to come with the trailer to take me home. By then, it was late, I still had virtual assistance work to do, and we were experiencing 30 mph winds. So, no fishing.

Saturday, I eagerly woke, opened Camera-Critters, and did some of the have-to stuff. I then grabbed my camera, the worms, my pole, and a bucket and headed out the door. And, I was greeted by 30 mph winds AGAIN. ugh So, I took the above photograph on my pouty trip back from the pond where I was unable, yet again, to go fishing.

Sunday, Hubs had me run him down the road to the farm to get a tractor. When we got there, I practically shoved him out the door, so I could go back and go fishing. However, he informed me he needed my help for "a little while". ugh Once we got back home, and I was anticipating the first cast, Hubs asked if I'd help him spread some grass seed. Then my in-laws pulled in to plant some potatoes in the garden and help Hubs work on the tractor. So, I helped and visited. Later, the tractor started, my in-laws went home, and it took me about 3 seconds flat to be back at the pond, holding a fishing pole, and releasing a long-overdue sigh.


Jen at Cabin Fever

You know... I've inexplicably wanted to fish the last couple of days too! Glad you finally got to go. And I hope your breaks aren't bad! My own car is getting break work done this week. Ugh..


Fantastic details of the petals!

Happy Macro Monday

Kay L. Davies

A wonderful photo for a pouty person! LOL
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Glad to hear you finally got there. If the rain ever stops for more than a minute here, I'll get out again ans do something fun.

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