Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Mind is a Mess

***Insert horror movie music...***

The Grasses Have Eyes!
(c) Misty DawnS

Straight Out of the Camera (except the crop, of course)

We had storms last night. Storms with tornadoes were heading our direction, and Hubs was chatting on Facebook about how he actually enjoys storms. Yeah, that's great, Honey. You weren't in the tornado with me two years ago. The tornado that, two years later, still has debris strewn in the tree tops. Anyway... needless to say, I find myself not 'enjoying' storms all that much anymore.

So, after my friends talked me through the worst of it, I went to bed and occupied my mind with any and every random thought I could come up with, and it went a little something like this -

Wow, the Cleveland Indians sure are doing great this year.
I need to remember to bring my summer clothes up from the basement.
When Hubs closed off that closet, there were things in there, and we can't get to it now.
I think all my jewelry making supplies are in that closet.
Hmmm, not like I have time to do my crafts anymore anyway.
I hope tomorrow is nice so I can go fishing.
Wonder what kind of damselfly that was I photographed today.
Wish I had more time to blog.
I think it's time to redesign my blog.
But... How?
In the life of Maggie May - thunder, bark, thunder, bark... repeat
Can't wait to start my The Beauty of Different book - sure is tough trying to hold out until the plane ride to read it.
I need to add a few things to my life list and get it published on the blog.
Maybe others will be inspired to write and publish theirs.
It's too bad that last weekend's storms destroyed all the broccoli in the garden.
I'm sure these storms are doing a number on the garden.
Shhh don't think about storms, Dummy!
I wonder how disastrous the software upgrade is gonna be at work.
*sigh* I wish I could just work from home *sigh*
Gotta put Frontline on Tag and Maggie tomorrow.
I think it would be so cool to have an herb garden. That's one of the things on my life list.
Hmmm, what else should I add to my list???
My back itches.
I think I got a bug bite.

Yes... my mind is one big rambling mess...


Kay L. Davies

No more so than anyone else's mind, I suspect, Misty.
Thunder storms were forecast here for today, and we're going out for brunch with friends, leaving Lindy alone and terrified of thunder. I fully intended to stay home with her, risking the wrath of my mate (it's our anniversary celebration), but now they're only predicting showers.
And it's my personal opinion that software upgrades are always a disaster at work.
There. Now didn't that cheer you up?
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


my thoughts exactly!
come visit and wander randomly with me!!
warmest hugs..
Ps,,please disconnect the word verification!


So I'm not the only one who has that stream of thoughts when I go to bed? Good to know!

The Retired One

love that froggie photo!!!


My mind works pretty much that way, too - except that I can never remember how I got to where I got.

We've got storms rumbling through tonight, and a tornado watch too. After having a tornado go through our neighborhood last year, I don't enjoy storms quite as much either.

I planted some lettuce last week, but I need to get busy and plant everything else soon.


Oh, I so do that too. Sometimes I talk to the ceiling more than I talk to my husband. I actually think rambling thoughts help you work it all out though, don't you? The weather has been very hard on people throughout the world this year. I wish I could give you a hug..

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