Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Days... and Storms

Some Dreams Are Made With Open Eyes

(c) Misty DawnS

I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, as I've been spending most of my time outside enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. Especially after Monday night's events...

I awoke and sat straight up in bed. It was completely white outside due to the constant lightning and massive rain. And the wind... oh my the wind! I threw the covers over my head and kept asking my husband if we needed to go to the basement. Most people I work with said they did go to their basements. It was a long and scary night.

In the morning, I had to move broken tree branches out of the way so I could pull out my driveway to go to work. I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to get to work, considering all the flooding.

The closer I got to work, the worse the damage... trees and power lines/poles were in the road. Billboards were completely gone. New bleachers at a baseball field were wrapped around trees.

They say it wasn't a tornado, just a severe storm with straight-line winds. The damage sure was reminding of the aftermath of the tornado though. At work, we all stumbled around like zombies due to serious lack of sleep.

So, yesterday, I spent a few hours picking up branches and sticks out of the yard. Then, I grabbed my fishing pole and went behind the equipment steel building for a few casts and some down time.

I'll be back to posting on a regular basis soon.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Salsify ~ Oysterplant ~ A Plant By Many Names

Western Goat's Beard... Wild Oysterplant... Yellow Salsify... Yellow Goat's Beard... Meadow Goat's Beard... Goat's Beard... Goatsbeard... Common Salsify... or Salsify...

Whatever you want to call them, they make great photography subjects... in my opinion anyway.

I was able to photograph some while I was on a walk with my dad and Matouk when I was back home in Ohio.

The ones I photographed had a yellow flower...
(c) Misty DawnS

And, like many of the others, this one had gone to seed.
I thought the sun was hitting this one nicely, making it shimmer.
(c) Misty DawnS

These plants are, in my opinion,
a macro-obsessed photographer's dream.
(c) Misty DawnS

Not that I'd know any macro-obsessed photographer or anything. ;-)
(c) Misty DawnS

Today, I won't be taking any photos, unless I take them inside. Today, I'm just listening to the rain continuously hit the metal roof and the steel buildings. It's a rainy day... good day for just being lazy. ;-)

Hydrangea Macro

(c) Misty DawnS

Thursday, after successfully completing the Rescue Mission, I decided to snap a few photographs of the Hydrangeas in the flower garden at work. I think Hydrangeas are so pretty, and I think it's awesome how there can be so many different colors of blooms on the same bush.

I sure am glad that I took yesterday off work to have my little birthday celebration day. Now, we are having thunderstorms, which started at exactly 4:54 a.m. I know this, because I jumped out of bed and went running outside to bring Maggie May inside. She's much calmer when she's in her crate. I think she considers it her safe place. It has been storming continuously since then, and, by the looks of the weather radar, it's not going to end any time soon. Certainly not a day for sitting outside in wooden Adirondack chairs! Oh well, sometimes it's nice to have a rainy day. Maybe I should read a book.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

Wish Come True Birthday Card

(c) Misty DawnSLink

This photograph was one of my first photographs taken with the Hoya Close-up Filters. I posted it on Flickr, which automatically posts a link to Facebook too. One of my friends asked me to make a birthday card for her daughter using this photo.

So, I came up with a rhyming verse, and created the card. I think it turned out really great. If you're interested, you can view the card HERE.

It's on my Zazzle site. I really enjoy Zazzle, because I really can customize all details of every thing I create there. And, trust me, there are so many things you can create there... everything from baby shower invitations to shoes! The possibilities are endless, and it's a lot of fun. I wish I had more time to spend creating things on Zazzle.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rescue Mission ~ Camera-Critters #168

This week has been a very stressful and busy week at work. Not only am I trying to get caught up after being on vacation, summer quarter for my students just started, so I'm busy trying to solve problems, put out fires, and make sure the students' financial aid comes in without a hitch.

Yesterday, while I stared at in a file of loans and numbers, my co-worker "J" came into my office...

"Rescue Mission!" She says. "You need to perform a rescue mission!"
"I'm trying my best to rescue these loan funds." I laughed.
"No!" She replied. "It's a bug, and I'm afraid it won't live unless you rescue it!"
I lifted my head from the file and replied, "You have my attention."

I received the details.
A baby Praying Mantis was in the "air lock" between the two doors
leading from the helipad to inside the building.

I created a plan, and the mission was set to action.

After entering the air-lock, I had trouble locating the critter.
Just as I was about to give up and leave, I saw it sitting on a window ledge.
I put it in a cup and crossed back over the helipad.
My intentions were to run straight down the stairs, back outside and
release the critter in the grass.


There was a mini-luncheon going on at the bottom of the stairs.
Beautiful tables... tea and snacks... and people.
I quickly concluded that they wouldn't appreciate my
running through their luncheon carrying a bug. (Yeah, some people are weird like that.)

So... I decided to go down the side stairs, but before I got to the stairs,
another co-worker "T" spotted me.

She asked, "What are you up to now? What kind of critter you got?"
Kinda creepy how well they know me, huh?
So, I replied, "Welllllll..."
She said, "It's a bug isn't it? C'mon I wanna see it."

(c) Misty DawnS

So, I showed it to a few co-workers, and then "T" insisted that I could not
just release the baby mantis without photographing it.
So, I asked the mantis, "Do you want me to take your portrait outside?"
At this point, "L" says, "That's Misty... talking to a bug!"
And "O" looks at me, smiles, and says, "Misty, you are funny."
So...Back down the hall... into my office... to grab my camera...
while carrying the bug with me the whole time.
I passed "M"s desk, who just kind of looked over his monitor at me.

"I suppose you want to know what I'm doing."
"With you, I've learned not to ask." was his reply.
(What's he mean by that?)

(c) Misty DawnS

O.K. So...
back to the hallway, down the side stairs, and out to the flower garden.
I released the baby Praying Mantis on a pink Hydrangea, photographed it,
and then returned to my office to get back to work.

(c) Misty DawnS

I explained to "J" that the rescue mission was complete.
She was concerned...
"What if it's a boy? It shouldn't be on a pink flower if it's a boy."
"Do you want me to go move it to a blue flower?"
"No, because what if it's a girl?"
"So you want me to go move it to a neutral colored flower?"
"Maybe you could put it on a green leaf so it blends in."
"You're joking right?"

(c) Misty DawnS

A little later in the day, J stands in the doorway to my office.
"Another rescue mission?" I ask
"What about it's mother? It was so little. Do you think it still needs its mother?"
"J, I can rescue the bug. I can release it outside, I can put it on whatever color flower you want. But, I highly, very seriously doubt I can find its mother!"
J sighed... "O.K. then. I'm just worried about it. That's all."

As J walked away, I was smiling and realizing how much I adore my co-workers!
Next thing ya know, J will be wanting me to help the mantis apply for SSDI benefits to ensure it will be taken care of! ;-)

(c) Misty DawnS

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My ME Celebration

(c) Misty DawnS

Sunday is my birthday, and while a lot of people would rather ignore their birthdays, I embrace my birthday. Unfortunately, according to the weather forecast, it's going to thunderstorm and rain starting tonight and continuing through the weekend.

As you know, my favorite things to do all involve being outside. So, when I saw the fantastic weather forecast for today, it didn't take me long to decide what I needed to do. Today, is my day to celebrate my birthday with myself. hehe. I took the day off work... no crunching numbers, no discussing money for dental supplies or books, no files (unless they are photo files)... none of that. Today, is just me, the camera, the fishing pole, the dogs... it's my birthday ME day. That may sound greedy, but heck, I think I'm entitled to be greedy one day a year. ;-)

Oh... I've got a post to write about the "rescue mission" I had to perform at work yesterday. Yep, I just may have saved a life...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Thoughts & Thank You

(c) Misty DawnS

Believe it or not, I didn't really take many photographs while I was on vacation. I guess I was just focused on spending time with my family and friends... and fishing, of course. Yes, lots of fishing, but do you seriously expect anything else from me?

The weather was amazing. In fact, I wore jeans and long sleeves almost the entire time! While it got pretty chilly in the evening (some nights it was in the 40s), it was nice to not have it unbearably hot. Nice fishing weather too... hehe. (Again, you've come to expect that from me, haven't you???)

I want to sincerely thank those of you who commented on my tough work decision dilemma. I took those comments to heart, and they really helped me focus on what is important... me and my mental (and subsequently physical) health. While working and making money is important, it is also important to allow time for me. I need time for those things I enjoy, whether it be photography, learning zumba dance, or ... yes, FISHING (hehehehe). I really think I would be putting way too much on myself if I tried to take on more work. Now, I just need to bring myself to tell the attorney this, as I have a very hard time saying "no", especially when I know someone really needs my help. I'm confident though, that I'm making the right decision, and I thank all of you for your advice!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fly On the Wall... Errrrr Flower

(c) Misty DawnS

While I sit here and try to figure out if I can handle working yet another job, I thought I'd share another macro photo with you. I sure am enjoying my close-up filters, and you can tell!

While this other job isn't for a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Attorney, it is for another attorney, so I am familiar with legal work. I just don't know what to do.

Maybe I just need to sleep on it and give myself some time to work things out in my head. If I took on more work, I may need to give up blogging. Don't worry, I'd still keep Camera-Critters going though.

Ugh... I hate decisions!!!

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew?

(c) Misty DawnS

I thought a photo of the cherries on our cherry tree would be appropriate for a post wherein I express concern that I may have just bitten off more than I can chew. Don't ya think? hehe

You see, at my full-time job today, I got outstanding news. My position has been changed from an hourly position to a salary position, which means many more outstanding benefits. I also received a nice raise to go along with it. Nothing outstanding, but a raise that is more than the usual raise.

Then, after getting home, and while doing my second job as the Virtual Assistant for the lawyer in Ohio, I received a phone call. I was offered the chance to do some more Virtual Assistance work from home. Since my ultimate goal is to work completely from home, I agreed to talk about it further. Now, after hanging up, I'm wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew. Can I really keep up with working for the medical university full time (no, we don't sell healthcare carts) AND then come home and do double (or more) of the Virtual Assistance work? I really don't know.

I'm grateful for the opportunities, but I also don't want to over-extend myself. I so wish my grandfather were around to talk to... I always went to him for advice.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Can I Go Back?

Was I even gone? Really? It certainly doesn't feel like it. Honestly... the 'vacation' is just a big blur already. I needed more time.

Needed to visit more people...

Needed to get my dad's little netbook running right for him, but he doesn't have internet, and we ran out of time and didn't get to go anywhere that had internet...

Need more time hugging my wolfdog-brother and going for walks with him and letting him give me kisses and clean off any makeup I may have on my face...

Need more time with my aunt and my BFF...

Need to fish with my dad some more... seriously, there's never enough fishing time with your daddy...

I think I need to go back...............



Don't worry, this happens every time. I'll be better soon. Actually, I'll be better VERY soon, since tomorrow is back to work. Not only will I be back to work, I'll be going in early to deal with the 100+ e-mails I got while I was gone. No, that's not an exaggeration... I sneaked a peak at my work e-mail when I was at the airport. Then, I promptly closed the window and shut down my computer! LOL

Hmmm... my birthday is this weekend. Don't be surprised if I sent out birthday invitations to a party back home in Ohio. LOL Yes, I promise I'll quit whining... soon.

Oh? Pictures? You want pictures? Well, I guess you'll just have to stay tuned...

I'm Back... Almost

Well, I'm sitting in the airport... waiting. I arrived early as they suggest, but apparently, I'm the only one who actually follows that suggestion, because I'm sitting here all by myself.

I had a great visit with my dad and wolfdog-brother. So much so that I'm missing them already. *sigh*

We went fishing several times... yes, I know you're shocked, hehe. Yesterday, I caught a couple bass and told my dad to take extra care of the clothes I was wearing, because they are now my lucky bass fishing clothing. I got to see and visit with some of my family, including my 98 year old great uncle, who was so excited to see me that he picked up a kitchen chair and went running down the hallway to a room where we could sit and visit. Yes, I did use "98 years old" and "running" in the same sentence. He's quite impressive.

So, after today, it will be back to normal tomorrow. Did ya miss me?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kestrel Kid ~ Camera-Critters #166

(c) Misty DawnS

This young American Kestrel sat in the tree outside my bedroom window for several hours. I took SO many photographs of it, while its parents sat in a tree by my pond and chattered their threats at me. Most of my photos showed the Kestrel among the leaves of the tree, but finally after several hours, it hopped up on this branch.

I think it was afraid to fly and was wishing I'd call a breakdown service for it. heheI was so excited to get these photos, because these birds don't often sit and "pose". They are too busy 'kiting' in the air looking for prey. The Kestrel is also referred to as a "Sparrow Hawk". The American Kestrel is the only Kestrel found in America, but it is the most common falcon in North America.

I think they are absolutely gorgeous birds with their beautiful colors and markings. I owe many thanks to this young'un for allowing me this exciting opportunity to photograph it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going to Wolfy-World

(c) Misty DawnS

When I return from my trip, I'll have to get started on my dad's birthday calendar. The guy in the photo above is the star of that calendar. Actually, he's the star in my dad's life, period. hehe He's such an interesting, intelligent, and complex animal... not fully wolf... definitely not a dog... he's just Matouk. There will only ever be one Matouk.

Heck, I imagine that I'll have enough photos of him to make an entire Smilebox scrapbook of Matouk. That may work out, because I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to go along with the photos too.

Just Two More Sleeps

(c) Misty DawnS

Just two more sleeps (unless I take a nap hehe) until I'm in an airplane, flying through the air. No, I'm not going to some Table Rock lake real estate, I'm headed back home to my friends and family for a bit. Yup. In two days, I'll be hugging my daddy and sharing sharp cheddar cheese with my brother the wolfdog. I'll be fishing with my dad, hiking with a wolfdog, shopping with my aunt, and attending an alumni football game with my best friend. I'll also, of course, be taking pictures... lots of pictures. You know how I am. ;-)

In the meantime, I'm going to try to prepare some posts to autopost while I'm gone. That will give my three remaining readers a small reminder of me while I'm gone. I'll be without internet access, which you'd think would bother me, but I've realized that I actually kind of like it. For my sweet, considerate, wonderful, faithful remaining readers... don't forget about me, I'll be back. ;-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not Roy G. Biv ~ Rainbow Bluet's the Name

In case ya didn't know...
I ♥ dragonflies... damselflies... bugs... oh my
(cept ticks, roaches, and squitoes... just sayin')
This Rainbow Bluet damselfly was music to my eyes!
Yes, I realize the tail is clipped off in the photo - that's cuz
the wind was blowing. (yeah, what else is new???)
(c) Misty DawnS

Friday, June 3, 2011

First O' the Year ~ Camera-Critters #165

They're baaaaaaaaack! Oh yes, my friends, I'm sure you're not nearly as excited as I am to know that my beloved dragonflies are back visiting my pond again. I finally photographed my first dragonfly of the year, which I believe to be a Slender Baskettail. Although, one of my friends thinks it may be a Common Baskettail. Either way, it's my first dragonfly of the year, so it's pretty special for me!

Photographing my beloved Odonata with my macro filters is a whole new experience for me, but I'm loving every minute of it, and I don't think I did too bad for the first try...

Hey, Lady, I know you're excited,

but I'm just trying to hang out for a bit.
(c) Misty DawnS

Is this a better angle for you?

I certainly want you to get my best side,

since I AM the first of the year and all.
(c) Misty DawnS

Why do you call me your 'sweet, beautiful dragon'?

Geesh, Lady, I am a DRAGONFLY... do I look like I'm breathing fire???

Next thing ya know, you'll be calling me your little nuphedragen.

You do that, and I'm not posing anymore!
(c) Misty DawnS

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