Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wish Come True Birthday Card

(c) Misty DawnSLink

This photograph was one of my first photographs taken with the Hoya Close-up Filters. I posted it on Flickr, which automatically posts a link to Facebook too. One of my friends asked me to make a birthday card for her daughter using this photo.

So, I came up with a rhyming verse, and created the card. I think it turned out really great. If you're interested, you can view the card HERE.

It's on my Zazzle site. I really enjoy Zazzle, because I really can customize all details of every thing I create there. And, trust me, there are so many things you can create there... everything from baby shower invitations to shoes! The possibilities are endless, and it's a lot of fun. I wish I had more time to spend creating things on Zazzle.

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The Florida Furkids

Beautiful shot!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie


That is beautiful. I bet the card was great. Have a good weekend!

CrAzY Working Mom

It is a very beautiful shot. You make it look so easy!

Frederick W. Chapman

Misty, this is a beautiful and compelling macro shot. I love the blurry background, too. What kind of Hoya closeup filter did you get? I have some Hoya filters -- they make good stuff.

Your birthday card on Zazzle came out wonderfully well. It's very touching. I opened a Zazzle account just so I could give your birthday card five stars. :) Thanks for the tip about Zazzle, too.

All the best,

Fred Chapman

Frederick W. Chapman

P.S. Nice photo blog!


I love it Misty. Greeting cards are something I love creating. This is so sweet.:) Did she love it?

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