Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brace Yourself For Injury

This past December, Hubs had a birthday. We also had cows in one pasture separated from their calves in another pasture, and we desperately needed to get them reunited. Hubs woke up on his birthday and had a fever and ended up staying home from work.

I went to work and was having a slow day, so during my lunch hour, I decided to check Facebook. That's when I saw a comment Hubs had left to my cousin... "It's been quite the birthday. I'm sure when Misty finds out what I did, you'll hear all about it."

Ohhhh really? This prompted me to pick up the phone.


What'd you do?


What'd you do?

What do you mean?

HUBS!!! What did you do?

Ummmm, I'll tell you when you get home.

NO! You'll tell me now!

I'll spare you all the back-and-forth argument. I eventually found out that Hubs had tried getting the cows to move down to the pasture where the calves were, and he ended up rolling the 3-wheeler. He informed me that he hurt his shoulder.

When I got home, I had to help him get his coat off, because he couldn't get it off by himself. I'd bet my whole paycheck that he broke his collar bone, but Hubs is stubborn as all get out and refused to go to the hospital or doctor.

At the time, I didn't know about a donjoy shoulder brace, but boy do I wish I would have, because I think it would have really assisted in his recovery. He tried to keep his arm and shoulder immobilized, but that's honestly harder to do than you think.

Hubs also has terrible back trouble, and I've been looking at different back braces for him too. *sigh* The man is just falling apart. hehe Seriously though... he works very hard and does a LOT of physical labor. I just don't want him to be in pain.



My brother broke his collarbone one year. That harness contraption really did help keep things in place and heal up. I love how you caught him too!


That must have been a bit shock for you and for your hubby!

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