Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camera Feels Effects of Heat Dome

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I used to participate in Looking at the Sky on Friday, which isn't active right now. So, I decided to go ahead and post a sky photo anyway. Cuz I was in the mood to post a sky photo. So I am... posting a sky photo, that is.

Besides, this photo reminds me of what it's like to be outside and enjoy it. Best weightloss pills aren't needed around here right now, because you walk outside and the weight just melts and sweats right off of ya. I'm not kidding! It's pretty unbearable.

The other day, my new camera was whispering to me, and it wasn't saying very nice things! It whispered "Hey you! What'd you get me for if you're just gonna leave me in this bag all the time? You coulda just left me in the store with my REAL friends!" Seriously! My camera is even feeling the effects of this "heat dome". Poor neglected camera.

Ummmm... let's keep the fact that my camera whispers to me between us, O.K.? Thanks.



Gorgeous sky and reflection. I love the tree on the side, it seems so peaceful. My camera is coming to work with me tomorrow. I have to road trip into the country on assignment, so even if I shoot from the side of the road, it's better than I've done the rest of the week!

Kim, USA

The reflection is very pretty!!

Weekend Reflection

Kay L. Davies

This would be beautiful for SkyWatch Friday, Misty, at
Or for Weekend Reflections.
Either way, its gorgeous!

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Jill Wellington

This is an awesome photo!


I miss Looking at the Sky on Friday. Guess I should go ahead and post some sky pics, too. Every once in a while.

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