Friday, July 15, 2011

Fish For Dinner? ~ Camera-Critters #171

(c) Misty DawnS

We're under an excessive heat watch for the next week. I think I should follow this Great Blue Heron's lead and just stand in the water all day. Although, after several days of excessive heat, I imagine the water will end up pretty warm and won't be too refreshing. Besides, I prefer my fish cooked unlike what this Heron is planning on for dinner.

I saw this Great Blue Heron standing in my neighbors' pond when I was on the way back from taking some baler twine to Hubs. I had to stop for a quick photo, although I didn't think it would come out very good, considering I was quite a distance from it. However, the new camera (Sony a580) continues to impress me. While it's not the best photo, the camera sure did allow me to get an "O.K." photo out of something that I wouldn't have otherwise.

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Kay L. Davies

I'm glad you got the photo. I like it, but I'm no expert, LOL.
I've got my camera critters all in a row and waiting for morning. See you then.


Misty, you got a great shot of the heron with yoru new camera.

Hootin' Anni

We've been in a heat wave and severe drought for weeks!!! The index has soared above the 105 degree mark a few times. Yep, I would go into the marsh with the heron, but I fear snakes more. LOL

My C C Link Hope you have a great weekend.

Sandy Kessler

I love their regality and am posting one tomorrow that was in the Cypress this am


Lovely habitat shot.

You are suffering a heat wave and we are getting blown about in a rain storm!


yes, it is a good shot of the grey heron. It lookd great in the water. But for you, I think you should choose a nore lively stream for cooling down. :)


Ditto: heatwave and shore birds!
Glad I don't have to rely on fish
Great capture, Misty!


Wonderful shot! Keep cool.


Looks like a water color-- lovely.
I just got my first dslr camera and it is a Sony! Yay, Sony!


I love the composition in the image...very nice.

And good for the new camera. 8v)


Your photo is more than just okay. Keep on clicking.

Jidhu Jose

nice shot


I really love those big ole birds, they're so regal


Looks like a darn good shot to me!


Great composition. Very pretty.

The Retired One

One of my favorite birds to see and photograph! Gorgeous!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very nice photo.
Congratulations on your new camera :)
I wish you many, many more wonderful photos.


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