Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's All About What You Focus On

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We've been suffering through this "heat dome" for over a week now. My suffering has been more psychological than physical, as it's just too dang hot to be outside, so I'm usually holed up in my bedroom (that's the only air conditioned area). Or, I'm at work, in an air conditioned office. Hubs has been really suffering the brunt of the heat though, as he's been busy making hay... riding around in a tractor cab with NO air. Yeah, I hate to even think about it, let alone know that he's out there doing it. I wish he didn't have to do it, or at least could wait until it's cooler. But, when you're a farmer, you get the work done when you can. Right now, he's at work... putting a metal roof on a barn. They started early to avoid the heat (so no one will get sick or injured and need http://www.wholesaleinsurance.net/), but Hub's won't be avoiding the heat, cuz when they're done working, he'll be back in the airless tractor cab. *sigh*

Since it's been too uncomfortable to be outside, I haven't taken many photos lately. That normally leads to a bit of depression. So, I have been focusing on some of the photography websites I'm a part of and trying to figure out which direction I should go. I've been struggling with some doubts about some things lately, and I'm trying to snap myself out of that. That's why I chose this photo... it's all about focus. Changing focus. Getting focused... and then going for it. Hubs is my example... he's focused on what needs to be done, regardless of the difficulties associated. Roni is my example as she inspires me with her talent and proves that you really can reach for the dream. Bear is my example with his talent, his patience, his friendship and the things he teaches me. All of you - my online friends - help me focus by not giving up on me.

Thank you.



It has been challenging. I hate to complain about the heat, because it beats the snow storms that keep me trapped inside. However, a mid 70's day would be heaven about now.


We have had so much rain and I like you if I can not be out and about with my camera soon a feeling of not being complete sets in. 'Lovely image.
Nice to have examples and friends that can keep us all going. I dont know what fall and winter will be like . Hang in there. Its cool here on the Prairies where I live once again and rain.


I heard you have it HOT out there - shame it keeps you inside. x

Kay L. Davies

I'd say "come and visit here" because it's only 71 today (Fahrenheit) but it can go up without warning and become 100F at any time.
I hope you get undepressed real fast, because I know how it feels and it's absolutely no fun.
(By the way, I secretly suspect men don't feel the heat the way women do, but I could be wrong.)

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

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