Sunday, July 24, 2011

Milkweed & Monarchs

For my Macro Flowers Saturday post, I shared some photos of "Tall Green Milkweed" with you. So, as a follow up, I thought I'd share a photo of the flower of the pink milkweed plant, which is what we're used to calling "milkweed" around here.

It's a very unique, interesting and pretty flower. I always feel drawn to photograph it, because it always catches my eye. It's very intricate and detailed.

(c) Misty DawnS

When I was doing a Google search on Milkweed, I was surprised to find a link to which had several different varieties of Milkweed I had never heard of. They also stated (about the Monarch butterfly) "Monarch larvae feed exclusively on Milkweeds. That means if there is no Milkweed, there would be no Monarchs" Makes me want to run out and plant LOTS of Milkweed! Some people buy phenphedrine, Misty buys Milkweed seed. hehehehe


EG CameraGirl

Neat shot of the milkweed blossom/ I have only seen one monarch so far this year. Hmmm. Maybe the count will go up this week. ;)


Beautiful milkweed shot!


Oh...lovely. I've never seen this before, it is unique.


Nice little flower. I have seen it, but never really looked at it.


If dI have seen milkweed before, I am unaware of it. The bloom is beautiful I do not think I would forget it. The idea that monarchs love it is really interesting. Have to make a note of that little fact. I have seen NO monarchs here this year. In fact, I have now seen many butterflies at all this year. I am wondering what is going on because usually we are inundated with them much to my joy. Beautiful capture. Genie


I usually see both together. :) Lets do it! :)

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