Friday, July 1, 2011

My Bag & Inside

I have an Epiphanie... more specifically a Lyric Epiphanie (in slate blue).  I want another (or three) Epiphanie bag; A girl has to have options, right?!?!

In my Lyric:

Sony a350 (back-up camera)
Sony a580 (We're inseparable)

Sony 18-250 (Oh how I LOVE this lens.  It gives me everything I need!)

Filters & Accessories:
Hoya Close-Up Filters (Macro or bust, Baby!)

A few things you may notice or questions:

No, I do not use a tripod.  All of my photos are shot in-hand.  I realize professionals say you MUST use a tripod.  I don't.

No, I don't have a lot of bells & whistles as far as accessories and multiple lenses.  However, I do love my current set-up.

Why yes, I AM a Sony girl!
All of my digital cameras have been Sony, starting with a Sony Mavica, which took a floppy disk for storage;
My next dream camera is a Sony NEX 7;
My laptop is a Sony Vaio, and we recently got Hubs a Sony Vaio;
Even the flat screen TV I got Hubs for his birthday/Christmas gift is a Sony;
Did we plan it that way?  Not really.  I guess we just like Sony products.



I am so glad you provided the link for your camera bag. I have been searching for one but did not know where to look.Thanks.

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