Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still HOT On Many Levels

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It's still HOT with a capital H and O and T. HOT! Seriously. My dogs who generally want nothing to do with being in the basement, because that's away from Hubs and me... well, lately, they gladly go running for the basement, because it's cooler down there. Hubs and I spend any time in-house in the bedroom, cuz that's where the air conditioner is.

At work, Hubs, co-worker, and boss have been putting on a metal roof on a barn. Yeah - sounds like fun in this heat, huh? They've been starting at 6:30 a.m. and ending around noon. Guess what. It's OUR barn they've been putting the roof on. I'll try to take a photo for you tomorrow. Luckily they are almost all done. Just some minor details left, and no one got seriously sick or injured.

My work, has been stressful. It's been heating up in it's own sort of way, but not temperature, if ya know what I mean. I think I just need to provide document scanning services as part of my home-based services and focus more efforts at working from home... just sayin.

Anyway - before and after barn pics for tomorrow. I hope.


Kay L. Davies

So, I'm guessing one of the HOT levels isn't the basement, right?
Yes, it's definitely hot when dogs are willing to leave the rest of the pack and seek cooler climes.
Wouldn't want to be on that barn roof with those men.
Wishing you some cooling rain.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

That Janie Girl

Whenever you get rain, let's make a deal - you send it my way.

I'll do the same, and send it your way when we get it.


EG CameraGirl

Working on a roof in scorching heat sounds worse than dreadful. I hope the job is done soon.

Unfortunately it has been hot here too...but I dare say not as hot as where you are! And today we have had some rain, a welcomed relief. I hope you get some soon too.

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