Sunday, August 7, 2011

Herb of Grace

(c) Misty DawnS

Verbena Hostata, commonly known as Blue Vervain, is one of my favorite wildflowers in Missouri. I love the blue color, which sometimes has a purple tint to it. The butterflies also like it, so that's a big winner for me!

Many of the wildflowers that grow around my pond have herbal qualities. According to, the Blue Vervain is also called Herb of Grace. It is edible and medicinal, and has many uses in Native American culture as food and medicine.

One of the things on my life list is to have an herb garden and learn how to use those herbs. So, I really enjoy learning about the herbs Mother Nature has already provided me with without my even knowing!

So, I think rather than playing newgy table tennis, I'll head back to the pond for my two favorite activities... photography and fishing, of course! I'll keep my eye out for more wildflowers. :-)


Luna Miranda

so beautiful. the color reminds me of dawn.

Karin M.

Eine wunderschöne Blüte in einer fantastischen Farbe....super...
LG: Karin


Beautiful ♥


Wow, the color of this beautiful flower is wonderful! Thanks Misty and have a great week.

Pat's Addition

I can imagine how pretty a field of blue this must be!


Did you catch anything?:) How beautiful, to be the herb of grace. I love that. And such a lovely photograph...


What a beautiful colour it is!


Beautiful shot of that lovely flower--so bright and blue. Love the nest of baby birds too as well as the "pearl necklace" (amazing photo). Mickie:)

grammie g

Hi Misty...your blog caught my eye while visiting another! I saw the name of you post " Herb of Grace"...Grace is my name!!
It is a lovely looking herb I might just look into that one!!
I used to have a herb garden but it got to be to much to maintain, but I loved it!!
Very nice blog : }

Dallas Meow


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