Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just My View

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Usually, when I go back to my pond (a.k.a. my favorite and peaceful place), I'm back there to go fishing or photograph my beloved dragonflies and any other bugs (or wildlife), which may decide to show up and pose for my camera. Sometimes, though, when I take a look around, my breath is taken away by the true beauty that surrounds me. This photograph represents one of those times. When I experience that breathtaking acknowledgement of the beautiful place I have been honored to experience, I'm overcome with the desire to capture it in a photograph to share with others... and then I... well... I share it... with all of you. Makes sense, eh? No, this isn't one of those point of purchase displays, but it is the view that 'little ol me' happened to find extraordinary one day and decided to photograph it to share with you.



A very awesome view!

Kay L. Davies

So beautiful! Wonderful colors.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Couldn't agree more - it is an exquisite view. So glad you shared. The depth and colors are gorgeous.

grammie g

HI Misty...I love looks like the sky could touch he earth!!



Love this!!!! As soon as I saw this I thought to myself I feel like I could touch the clouds. Then I see what grammie g wrote & well she said it better ;)
As always love your stuff girl.

That Janie Girl

Beautiful. Absolutely.


I hope you just stayed there and enjoyed for a long long time! Beautiful!


Just Beautfiul

Adrienne Zwart

Gorgeous! The light is amazing!


Beautiful view!


Now THAT was, indeed, a truly awesome shot, Misty!

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