Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten Years Ago

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Ten years ago, I stood in my grandparents' living room (in the house that built me), and I said those two important words, which started a life journey as "us", rather than just "me".

Just short of six years later, we moved everything from furniture to tractors to a barn cat and kittens (no golf trophies though) 750 miles away from everything we had previously called "our life".

Now, we both find ourselves constantly working in hopes to eventually reach that point when we can take time to enjoy ourselves and each other. Sometimes, our time together is seriously lacking, but that doesn't change how strong my love is and how it grows each day.

And, it will continue to grow for the next ten years, and the next ten after that. I love my husband for everything he is and everything he works to become.

Happy 10th anniversary, Hubs. I love you.



Happy Anniversary! I love your post.

Kerri Farley

Congratulations on 10 years!! Wishing you 10 x 10 more!!

Jen at Cabin Fever

Happy Anniversary!! Hoping you have many many more :)


Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Funny, yesterday was a tenth anniversary of sorts for me but definitely not the happy sort that you are having today.

Best wishes for many more years of happiness together!


I love reading your post1
Happy 10th Anniversary to you and your happy.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Digital Flower Pictures

Inspirational! Happy anniversary!


Awww Misty that is so sweet. And I have to agree with you - sometimes we get so BUSY. I was just telling the hubs we need to take a few days off toward the end of September and do something fun. Besides work around the property - not that we don't enjoy that, but we just need to spend a real fun day together!

Hope you and your hubs have found those precious few moments to enjoy each other this summer. :-)

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