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15 Ways To Promote Your Photography

1. Blog - A blog not only gives you a chance to display your photos, but it also provides an opportunity to share the techniques used and the story behind the photo.

2. Website - If you want to sell any of your photos, a website with shopping cart provides a place for people to view your product and make a purchase with ease and convenience.

3. Facebook - Facebook provides the opportunity to create business pages which can be used to promote your photos and your other sites.

4. Flickr - Flickr is a popular social photography sharing site, which brings photographers and lovers of photography together.

5. Portfolio - Your portfolio is your collection of your very best photos... the photos which clearly define your style. These are the photos you want to show off when someone is interested in what you do.

6. 500px - A quickly growing social photography sharing site, which also gives you sales opportunity and a separate portfolio option.

7. Twitter - Links to your photography and your blog posts reach a large audience when posted on Twitter.

8. Contests - Contests are fun to participate in and also provide networking and learning opportunities.

9. Exhibits - Fairs, Craft Shows, Benefits - all provide the opportunity to have your photography seen.

10. Gifts - Everyone loves to receive a gift. Prints of your photos, or products with your photos on them will be cherished and also promote word-of-mouth when the recipients 'shows off' their present.

11. Home - Be vain! Print and display your own photography in your home. Not only will you be inspired by your work, but others will inquire about your art.

12. Business Cards - Have some of your photography printed on the back of business cards. provides beautiful, quality options to display your photos and your contact information.

13. Cards - Greeting cards, Thank You cards, Note Cards - Show off your own photography when sending that sentiment to someone. Don't forget to put your links on the cards!

14. Other Blogs/Memes - Many other blogs have themed memes, wherein you make a post, following that theme, and go back and link to your post on the hosts blog.

15. Communities - There are photography groups and clubs online and offline. This is a place to network with others about your passion and to share your work.

What are your favorite ways to promote your photography?
Do you have any ideas I've missed?
I'd love to hear your ideas and will do a follow-up post containing the ideas you've pointed out which I missed.



Nice list. I do a few of those.


Those is a great list of ideas. I especially like the idea of putting some of your shots on the back of business cards. I can't tell you how many times I have and to shuffle through a stack of cards to find one but they all look the same. This would really your card to stand out among the rest.


I like the biz card idea too. I've been wanting to make some new cards with a new design - it's been over 3 years since I made my first design and they're almost gone.

I do the greeting card thing with my photos - I always create them in Zazzle and buy them for myself to send to family & friends. I also sell a decent amount of my photo themed items in my Zazzle store, so I guess you could add Zazzle to the list too!

I like the "Be vain" idea. My son & his wife secretly had one of my horse photos done on canvas and sent it to us for our anniversary one year - it's beautiful and hangs in our kitchen. I need to print and display more of my own photography in our home!!

I think you have a pretty comprehensive list here of how to promote one's photography!! :)

Freelance Blog Commenting for Photographers

I Agree with most of your ideas. However, I could add a few more.

1. Submit tutorials or photography related articles to major article directories, or on other blogs as a guest post. With a link back to your site.

2. Make a video and talk about your business, services, etc...Or give some tips to beginning photographers, to help them improve their photography quality. And upload the videos on Youtube and any other video site that you can find. Of course do not forget to link to your website and/or blog, facebook, twitter. Etc...

3. Blog commenting: This is where you write a nice comment about other people's images. (Longer than a sentence of course.) And you link to your website, blog, or facebook.


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