Friday, September 9, 2011

Stay PUT! ~ Camera-Critters #179

(c) Misty DawnS

My very special friend (and country blogger) Susan claims that I am good at 'sneaking up on wildlife'. Well, I may be good at sneaking up on the critters, but I have also had experiences where they have come to or made themselves known to me.

The above photo is an example of this. I was back at the pond (surprise, surprise), and I decided to photograph a frog, who had been hanging out with me the whole time I had been fishing. While I was standing to photograph the frog, I heard this 'huffing' noise, which I've come to know very well, because I've heard it on previous occasions. So, I thought, "I know what that is." and I kept the camera to my eye as I slowly turned to photograph the maker of the noise.

The Whitetail doe continued to stare at me and 'huff'. I knew that there was a young deer nearby, and 'mama' was giving a warning. I later told my dad that I wish the 'huff' would have meant she was calling her young'un to her, but he clarified that she was, in fact, telling it to "Stay PUT!" Bummer.

P.S. When Hubs saw this photo, he commented that it looked like she was pointing, like a bird dog would do... tail straight, leg up. I agree, and I think that 'pointing' me out is exactly what she was doing!


grammie g

Hi Misty...Great opportunity otr should I say you know where to go!!

Amazing photo.. I have never seen one of a deer in that position ...tails straight and that leg up just like a hunting dog would to funny!!

Good for you ...guess we aren't seeing the frog photo??


Maude Lynn

Fabulous capture! She does look like she's pointing.

Kay L. Davies

Wonderful shot. I'm sure you don't want to know what kinds of names she was calling you: "Dangerous human" probably being the least of them.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Oz Girl

So do you think she was calling you names?? LOL

I love this pose of hers, looking like a hunting dog. She also looks very healthy and sleek.

Yep, another great wildlife shot by Misty Dawn!! :)

So whatever happened to the frog??


She does look like a pointer! Look at how you caught the sheen of her coat, very very nice!


She looks so alert but you still captured a beautiful image of her. Lovely!


Very cool!


Yes the doe seems to be very alert and also looks haughty!


such a lovely experience. :)


I've been in my yard and heard that sound behind me. Like you I turn slowly and then I usually have a staring contest for a few minutes. :)
Lovely capture!


What a great portrait - she looks poised to run...


That's a very cool capture!


she does look like she's pointing

a wonderful capture!!!


Great shot! Mama deer was doing her best to keep her little ones safe from that 'dangerous human with a camera'.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

great photo of the deer

Karin / Southern Meadows

Great capture! I love when wildlife finds "you" and are fortunate to have a camera in hand! I hope to see some of your frog pics too!

Powell River Books

Interesting pose. I remember waking up one night sleeping in a tent to several deer foraging right next to it. It could look out the window to watch without disturbing them. - Margy

Jidhu Jose

nice shot. she is posing for ur camera


I was thinking the very same thing! That's a beautiful doe. The bale of hay & deer together is awesome.


Cool shot, Misty. A White-tail Pointer. Nice 8v)


Great shot, Misty! Love the pointer tail!


Such a beautiful regal pose! Gorgeous shot!

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful post and your photo, too.
I like her pose :)

Regards and best wishes


Great photo. Deer are so beautiful. I've heard the huffing noise also. I've also had the mama's following me quite close at dusk. A hunter friend of mine told me that is because she had a fawn nearby and was wanting me out of there. So I try not stress them out.

Adrienne Zwart

Excellent shot! You always seem to be in the right place at the right moment for these experiences, Misty. Perhaps it's just that you are more patient and observant.

And I agree, it does look like she's pointing!

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