Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bat Bully ~ Camera-Critters #184

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Each year, some Little Brown Bats hang out on the helipad at my work. They don't cause any problems, they just hang out (literally). Each year, I go out and take a picture of them, which I had already done this year.

However, one day last week, my secretary (yes, her again) informed me that another co-worker said that one of the bats was down on the ground of the helipad, rather than hanging on the wall. I was a bit wary, considering bats are nocturnal creatures and shouldn't be moving around during the day. Of course, I went out with my camera any way.

I was taking photos when I started to see the bat start to stretch its wings. I snapped this photo, just before the bat flew in my direction, flew in circles around the helipad, and then finally settled on a wall. Now, we keep an eye on that bat. The others just stay in one corner and don't move around. We're a little concerned about the one I photographed.

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maybe he just wanted his photo taken :)

I didn't realize how furry they are

Roberto Machado Alves

He posed for the photo. It is a difficult animal to be photographed.

Now, I'm following your blog too.



Such a furry and lovely creature!

Hootin' Anni

Sweet!!! I remember LONG AGO in biology class on a spelunking field trip where we were surrounded by them. And their wings...just like soft kid glove leather!!! They're amazing critters. Loved this post.

Halloween Ratatouille - LOL

Kay L. Davies

Posing for pictures! It's that time of year, you know. Soon they'll be abandoning the helipad and visiting residential neighborhoods to help children spook their neighbors!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

PS: My verification word is "spidar". Interesting, though poorly spelled, word for Camera Critters day.


Good shot, but do be careful ... bats found on the ground during the day are usually sick or rabid. I've always been fascinated by bats. Handy insect eaters!


maybe he just wants to show off. lol. he saw u got ur camera, he wants you to take a photo of his wings stretch out. mine is my Cat in a Box


Interesting shot. Got its mouth open even. But why do I get the impression there is more to the story?


I hope the bat is ok, it is odd that he has been excluded and somewhat shunned. Great shot though.

EG CameraGirl

Yes, I would be careful. :)


I hope the bat is OK too, I heard a lot are dying from a disease. Great capture. Thanks for hosting another week of Camera Critters. I hope you are having a great weekend!


It really is a unique position for a photo. You don't often see bats like that, on the ground.

My nephew is getting his PhD on bats at Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem.


Ugh! Bats! Not a fan, and this one has his little mouth open, ready to sink his fangs in some unsuspecting photographer. I work in an old courthouse which has bats in the clock tower, or bats in the belfry, as we often say. Occasionally one makes his way down to the first and second floors. Once there was a bat flying back and forth over the courtroom while court was in session. You should have seen those attorneys dive under the tables. Not one offered to catch it. Bravery! ;)


Ugh, creepy. I know bats are good for the environment, but that still doesn't make them "not creepy". I had a run-in with a bat that got in my basement in my Ohio house once. My dalmatian was down in the basement and I could hear him running around, finally checked it out, and he was chasing a bat!!! The ex-hubby knocked it down with a broom, took it outside and when we checked 5 mins later, it was gone, so he obviously didn't hurt it!

Brave photo on your part. :-)

(Ok, enough mini-web browsing on my part, time to get to work, lol)

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