Friday, October 21, 2011

Bluebirds and a Butter Butt ~ Camera-Critters #185

On one of my recent trips back to the pond, a Bluebird went flying past my head and landed in one of our apple trees and proceeded to stare at me. I think the Bluebirds are SO beautiful, but they are very skittish birds, and I've yet to get a good photograph of one, because they take off as soon as I lift my camera. It's like they're playing a game with me.

I did get the below photo, which I like, because it has two Bluebirds in it. However, it's still not a good photograph. So, I stood there contemplating how I was going to get these birds to trust me.

(c) Misty DawnS


As I stood there contemplating...

This beautiful Yellow Rumped Warbler
decided to land in the tree right next to me
and pose for a portrait.
Not only did it pose,
It provided me with the perfect photo
to capture why it is named the "Yellow Rumped" Warbler.

(c) Misty DawnS

 Maybe they were trying to give me a hint to get my act together and supply them with some yummies!

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Kay L. Davies

The bluebird photo may not be perfect, but it is lovely, Misty, and the posing yellow-rump is perfect.
See you tomorrow!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Misty, they are lovely bird. And you captured them well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Roberto Machado Alves

You captured two good moments. I love birds and the second picture was excellent.

Greetings from Roberto, Brazil

carol l mckenna

Both are great! Awesome! ~ Love 'talkin with the wildlife and see what they will do ~thanks and namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/Camera Critters ^_^


Wow - wonderful shots! The details on the warbler are lovely.


Sweet shots Misty. I hope to be back next week.


I love the bright blue and yellow on these birds! Great shots!


Excellent shots! The Bluebirds are a thorn in my side, as I have yet to image one myself. 8v)

Horst in Edmonton

Bluebirds are so beautiful, but I also like the Yellow Rumped Warbler. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Jidhu Jose

nice birds

New Jersey Memories

The bluebird is beautiful, but weren't you lucky that the warbler likes to pose for photos!

Found you on Camera Critters!


Wonderful capture of these beautiful birds. Love how you've framed the second shot.


I haven't been able to get a good bluebird shot all summer and I've had opportunities. Same as you, when I raise my camera, they fly away. Love the yellow rumped bird. New one for me!

Jen at Cabin Fever

Good shots! Especially the last one. You reminded me I need to fill my bird feeder, too. It mostly feeds squirrels though :/

Martha Z

I think your eastern bluebirds are more colorful than ours. As compensation, the western bluebird is better about posing.


They are both really fantastic! Wow!


Great shots I love the little yellow rump bird.

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