Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonjour Butterflies

(c) Misty DawnS

Isn't it just beautiful??? Believe it or not, we still have quite a few butterflies, and even some dragonflies, flying around. We've had a couple weeks' worth of absolutely beautiful weather, which has made them stick around for a bit longer. The temperatures have started dropping this weekend though, so I'm sure my precious bugs will be bidding me farewell until next year.

With the changes in seasons comes my To-Do List. That may not make sense, but here's how it works. As long as it's nice outside, I want to BE outside. So, I tell myself that there will be plenty of time for computer and indoor work once the sn*w is flying (sorry, I didn't want to curse on my blog). Therefore, I now have a To-Do List which is several pages long. *sigh* Looks like I won't get bored this wint*r (such foul language in one post).

I probably won't be visiting a cigar auction online, but I do have plans on an entirely new website and blog (yeah, that's gonna be quite a chore), lots of photography related work, some crafts, and, oh yeah, we have a house to finish too. I think I'm going to need more hours in the days!


Horst in Edmonton

Awesome photo, Misty.


What a beautiful find and wonderful shot. Your to-do list makes me feel better about ignoring some of mine to go outside this weekend too.

Hootin' Anni

Isn't he gorgeous?!!!!!

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Jen at Cabin Fever

I am with you about enjoying being outside as much as I can! ...snow is coming all to quickly here in Vermont (although flurries aren't even in the forecast yet!)

And good luck with your blog redesign! I want to do that, too... but not sure I have time to anytime soon.


Wow...lots of cursing! I'm not prepared (I won't say the curse words)...nonetheless a very beautiful butterfly!

Martha Z

Yes, I'd rather be outside when the weather is nice. Here, summer is too hot and winter is too cold, spring and fall are my seasons.


A lovely capture! Yes, save those "to-do's for inclement weather.


Very beautiful! You really have an eye for just the right angles too. :)


Yes this butterfly is divine (what pretty colors on the wings). I had to chuckle because I too think that "s_ow" is a 4-letter word! So not looking forward to that season.


Beautifully composed image!

Happy MM


Beautiful photo!!


LMAO... did I not just say basically the same thing in my email to you? Too funny. Way too many things to do, not enough time in the day, and definitely not enough time to accomplish it all in 6 days off work!!!

(Love the pic, gorgeous butterfly!!!)

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Great shot. I have always had a thing for butterflies since my best friend who loved them died when i was sixteen. seeing them and having pictures/paintings of them around me make me remember her and the good times we had. I really enjoy seeing the shots you take.


Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creations of nature and its good for us that they are still around. Time Billing Software

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